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Hunter, Surge spells, Dragon knives, PID & so much more 05-03-2019

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Welcome to Dawntained's March update! Many new items have been released to spice up Pking and along with content to improve Pvming and Skilling. We also have a new skill being released!

All the updates released have been worked on since late December. I should have got the updates released a month earlier, but that would also mean half of the updates won't exist.
We are sorry for the delay, no time for excuses, we will give our players 3x more artefacts per kill for the next 7 days!



Granite Hammer Granite%20hammer.png

The new item has been added to the Blood money shop for 3,000 blood money at ::shops.





Falador shield 3 Falador%20shield%203.png

This shield has been added to the untradeables shop at the Void knight npc in the ::shops area. Having this item in your inventory will help locate the Giant mole on the mini-map for an easier bossing experience.





Amulet of the Damned Amulet%20of%20the%20damned%20(full).png

The two missing effects have been added. Verac's and Torag's!



Amulet of eternal glory Amulet%20of%20eternal%20glory.png

It has been added to the Untradeables shop at the Void knight. Enjoy unlimited teleports!




Hunter 577.png

Teleport to the Hunter location to start levelling up! You now need 99 hunter to wear Max capes. You can earn up to 32,000 blood money per hour through hunting Black Chinchompas using the Wilderness teleport.






Lumberyard teleport Lumberyard%20teleport.png

You may find this useful teleport in the blood money shop for free.





Coal bag Coal%20bag.png

The goal bag can store up to 27 coals for your smithing runs. Purchase it for 100 vote tickets in the Vote shop at ::shops




Dragon knives Dragon%20knife(p++).png

It has been added to the blood money shop for 25 bm at ::shops





Crystal Halberd (i) Crystal%20halberd%20full%20(i).png

The strongest two handed spear has been added to the blood money shop for 12k bm. It also inherits the special attack of the Dragon halberd.




Ferocious gloves Ferocious%20gloves.png

This is the best item to wear in the gloves slot for melee! Get a chance of winning by opening a Mega Mystery Box!




Brimstone ring Brimstone%20ring.png

Open the blood money shop to purchase this ring for 7500 bm. It is a well rounded ring for all combat types.




Turquoise slayer helmet Turquoise%20slayer%20helmet.png

You can now combine a vorkath's head with a slayer helmet to create the turquoise version of it. Creating imbued versions of each slayer helmet with Kq head, Abyssal head & Kbd heads is now possible.




Abyssal bludgeon Abyssal%20bludgeon.png

We have added the item to the blood money shop for 40,000 blood money. It has a unique special attack of increasing your damage dealt for every prayer point you are missing, just don't get yourself smited.





Osrs PID Red_hitsplat.webp

The Osrs pid system has been added, which means there will no longer be any double deaths.



Surge spells Wind_Surge_icon.pngWater_Surge_icon.pngEarth_Surge_icon.pngicon1.webm

The surge spells are finally here to wreak havoc in the wilderness!




Settings tab update lulul.png

Npc attack and player attack click settings have been added.





  • Shop scroll length fixed.
  • Cooking interface text going off screen.
  • Smithing bronze bolts
  • Pure essence pouch now saves on relog.
  • Blood spells not working sometimes.
  • Shadow spells now work correctly.
  • Slayer helm variants requirements fixed.
  • Default pure preset making you lose items when bank is full.
  • Target arrow is now perfect on the mini-map.
  • Weapon animation flicker fixed when switching between weapons with different stance animation.
  • Scrolling in the bank while dragging items has been patched.
  • Completionist cape visual bugs with other items worn on your legs.
  • Enchanting jewelry would not work even if you have the required runes.
  • Afk chairs not dissapearing.
  • You could access magic axe hut from the back door without a lockpick.




  • Auto chat will no longer appear in the chatbox to reduce spam.
  • Rare drops log in profile interface extended to the latest 500 drops instead of 100.
  • Teleblock now gets removed on log-out.
  • The wilderness teleports on the teleport interface now display a warning confirmation.
  • Clan chat moderator and ban list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • All boss head drops are now untradeable.
  • Serpentine helm now gives +5 strength instead of +3.
  • You can no longer lose your custom items, dice bags etc.. It will be automatically sent back to your Buy-back untradeable shop at the Void npc at ::shops
  • Item rarity colour on right clicks is now automatically on to help new players know which items are valuable.
  • The completionist cape has been buffed and now has the stats of the Ava's assembler, Imbued god cape & Infernal cape combined!
  • Combat interface tooltip hover delay shortened.




  • Missing black demons added to Taverly dungeon extended area.
  • Unyellmute command added for Moderators.
  • Security improvements have been made to keep our players even more secured.
  • Moderators can now xteleto and xteletome.
  • Zuriel's staff now gives 10% magic damage bonus.
  • Equipping a Dinh's bulwark now shows a graphic.
  • Animation added when using Box of health.
  • You can now paste text into the client.
  • Dragon crossbow special attack enabled
  • Dinh's bulwark special enabled.



Custom items


  • Elysian spirit shield, black shield and yellow sigil for 4nrs
  • Statius's warhammer, Bright pink for Subarashii
  • Statius's warhammer, black with gold stripes for Ipker
  • Vesta's longsword, blue and white for Helsingborg
  • Elysian spirit shield, Green shield, pink sigil for Beeline
  • Armadyl godsword, same pink and lime as item id: 16400, for Smac it
  • Dragon claws, same pink and lime as item id: 16400, for Smac it
  • Armadyl godsword, red, blue, purple, lime, yellow, brown for Paste.
  • Armadyl godsword, red and green for No Clue
  • Partyhat & Spectacles, player says "#0D98BA (Called blue-green) & black. Spectacle rims colored black and glass can stay white" for Politics
  • Elder maul, pink handle and cyan hammer for Kyoshi
  • Abyssal tentacle, Cyan and pink for Kyoshi.
  • Avernic defender, gilded with black trim for H3adsh0t
  • Ghrazi rapier, gilided blade with black handle for H3adsh0t
  • Partyhat, gilded and black for H3adsh0t
  • Primordial boots, gilded feathers and black boots for H3adsh0t
  • Scythe of vitur, gilded and black trim for H3adsh0t
  • Vesta's longsword, lime for Mnf
  • Armadyl Godsword, gold hilt and red blade for Snoxh
  • Abyssal tentacle, black and white for Snoxh
  • Avernic defender, gold for Snoxh
  • Vesta's longsword, light pink for Datebayo
  • Genie pet, all black for Moneytalks
  • Armadyl godsword, cyan and black for Moneytalks
  • Armadyl crossbow, cyan and black for Moneytalks
  • Pink camel for Snoxh
  • Elysian spirit shield, black shield and pink sigil for Traveler



Bug fixes/changes
(these were made while the server was online in the previous month.)


  • Client crash due to hovering mouse over players who just died


  • Gambler crash fix
  • Bank pin not appearing when doing ::bank
  • Christmas quest fix where you could not give more than 50 snowballs to the npc to progress through quest.
  • Dz fire spot now works.


  • Gambler landing on wrong item visual fix
  • Moderator ::ragban command fix
  • Removed players from the leaked new donator zone and stopped donator dungeon exit from leading to new donator zone.


  • Custom statius's warhammer fixed.
  • Fix for clan wars respawning in Pvp zone.


  • Christmas theme and related updates removed.
  • ::dice now auto joins dice cc.
  • Bob at ::edgepvp relocated.
  • Auto buy back untradeables exploit fixed. All players who abused it have been ip-banned.
  • Unwearable clown items fixed.
  • Mouse scrolling on clan settings interface fixed.
  • Camel custom pet drop option added.
  • Spamming log-in would cause a black screen.


  • ::recoverpassword now works along with ::recoverpass
  • Fixed wilderness resource exploit
  • Buy back custom item price reduced to 5%


  • Special attack teleport timer corrected.


    • Fix for players with negative blowpipe darts, use the 'check' option on right click option of the weapon to fix it.


        • Dragonfire shield special attack bug where multiple players can attack the same player in singles.
        • Price checker bank pin abuse fix.
        • Karil's set with amulet of the damned now shows the correct xp drop with the effect triggers.
        • Deleting bank pin will no longer close the bank interface.



        Bugs we will fix

        • Dropdown menu in settings tab to save on restart
        • Doors and gates no-clip issue
        • Players wearing Max cape without having 99 hunter.





        Please Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!

        Lwkwhin.png The updates have been worked on hard by Jonny, Optimum, Jason, MGT Madness & Owain.

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        dope update, great work!

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        Took a little longer than what most people expected but I'm sure they'll be glad. Seems like some talked about stuff weren't part of this release.

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        Just now, NELLYTHESAVAGE said:

        my client isnt working?

        not working for every1

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        So many great changes, the only thing that appeared weird was removing tb on logout

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        Posted (edited)

        What about inferno? 2fa? Email Recovery? Etc?


        Thank you for the updates!

        Edited by Amoot 3lich

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        Just now, Amoot 3lich said:

        What about inferno? 2fa? Email Recovery? Etc?


        Thank you for the updates!

        Inferno as... a fun pvm event? Or to get the cape? I like the idea of the cape remaining 1k kills, otherwise everyone thats got it that way will have been moot. 

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