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Small server issues!

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Hi im new to the server.

Id like to say i love it and its awesome.

Therefore ill take my time to suggest something i came across that really bugged me.


You literally cant re-arrange items in bank, each time i drag item to a different spot and let go, it goes right back

where it was, as a pker and a big pvp server base it is annoying not to be able to arrange my food gear and pots!

Thank You!

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Welcome first of all, and we are aware that the current bank system is not the best but our developers are working towards adding the osrs bank system with bank placeholders in the future but as Groot said, it will come eventually since it is a really big update and requires a lot of testing for bugs and making sure it is ready to go.

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This is a bug that was so annoying here is the work around works 99% of the time for me try it out:

When dragging an item into a new location.

Take that square and imagine a line going through the middle both horizontally or vertically. Then place the item on the left middle line. (Diagram below)


Hope this helps!

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