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Staff Feedback Jan/2019

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I'll start posting these on a monthly basis.

Simply copy-paste the format below and give your feedback and comments on the staff members next to their name. All feedback(good and bad) are welcome.


Admins -

MGT Madness-

Head mod -


Moderators -



1 pk in 22-



Queen Pker-




Supports -


Spectral boy-


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Glad to see the staff team are looking to see how the community thinks they're doing, always a good thing - you can find my feedback below.


Admins -

@MGT Madness - Mohammed seems to be doing a really good job at running the server, despite whatever negative feedback or thoughts there may be surrounding him. The server seems to be growing under his ownership and the Dev Team under his wing seem to be producing great content, as well as reaching out to players for feedback on future content. From my conversations and activity with MGT, I have nothing negative to say against him.

Head mod -

@Subarashii -  Sub has been thrown into the dee-end with the role of Head Moderator, however, he seems to be doing incredibly well and is sensible with the promotions and staff picks which have taken place so far - he seems to be level headed and able to compose himself very well, handling situations without any known bias or preconceptions. Props to him.

Moderators -

Clark- I've had a lot of interactions with Clark and I have nothing but positive words to say about him. He's helpful, mature and able to handle difficult situations extremely well. It's a short piece of feedback for Clark, however, that speaks volumes.

@1 pk in 22 - As a relatively new Moderator, it's sometimes difficult to gain respect within the community, especially if you've befriended toxic/harmful players in the past, but 1 pk in 22 seems to be adapting really well to the role and is finding his place, day by day. I've witnessed this Moderator handling some tricky situations, while also remaining active within the community - again, nothing negative to say regarding 1 pk in 22.

@Jedzio -  Again, the same applies to Jedzio as a new Moderator, he seems to be doing well in his new role from what I have seen in the short amount of time and I look forward to seeing more activity from him in the future.

@dualboot - Apologies for sounding repetitive, but Dualboot, as a newly promoted Moderator, seems to be doing well and has no issues with keeping his cool. Dual seems to be very level-headed and down to earth, and I haven't run into an occasion where I've witnessed any unwarranted negativity or abuse of powers, props to Dual for swimming in the deep end with the new Moderator position.

@Queen pker - I've had a few interactions with Queen and I'm happy to say I have no issues at all with this Moderator, and the same applies across the board for all Moderators on the current team. Queen seems to be very helpful, able to handle situations well and stay unbias, which is something every Moderator should be capable of.

@thuggahhh - All of the above would apply to Thuggahhh too, nothing more to say regarding this Moderator and the same goes for Gramatik and Hatorade.

@Gramatik - Generally helpful, never had an issue with Gramatik and seems very quick to respond to messages, as well as being keen to assist when requested.

@Hatorade - I could go on and on about how helpful Hatorade is and has been to myself, as well as other members of the community. Hatorade is definitely one of the best Moderators, if I had to give such a label, due to his willingness to help and going above in beyond when required in certain situations. This is one Moderator I will be looking forward to seeing progress through the ranks as it's definitely well deserved.

Supports -

@Josven (Player) - Unfortunately I haven't spent enough time around or with Josven to be able to give a detailed insight or any feedback for this Server Support member, as I believe their activity has dwindled in recent weeks due to exams and other things keeping him busy. I will say, though, that when I have seen him around the server, he seems to be helpful and polite, as well as keeping on a level playing field when dealing with situations.

@spectral boy - Spectral is the latest edition to the Player Support team, but you wouldn't have thought that would be the case as I find Spectral to be extremely helpful, polite and able to diffuse situations with ease - something not everyone can do. I have nothing but respect for Spectral, not only for swimming in the deep end, but keeping calm and collective when faced with difficult players and situations. I very much look forward to seeing Spectral's progression within the Dawntained Staff Team.


Thanks for taking the time to read through my feedback and to the staff mentioned, I hope you find it useful.

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Admins -

MGT Madness- Doesn't do shit. More than 1 week on my forum thread and still no answer and have also gotten multiple mods to try and get his attention about it and nothing. Same as old, donations are what matter. (Also, if you hire 4 damn developers, its about time you stop being busy with develop stuff and instead manage the forums and the server itself since you barely give anyone else power to help you do it)

Head mod -

Subarashii- Sub4Admin, great head mod and great staff overall.

Moderators -

Clark- Seems good, maybe a bit too hardcore on the whole staff thing but overall a good mod.

1 pk in 22- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion.

Jedzio- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion.

DualBoot- Good mod.

Queen Pker- Good mod.

Thuggahhh- Thuggahhh4HeadMod, by far my current favourite mod (might also be because i know him for a long time :D).

Gramatik- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion.

Hatorade- Don't see him much/interact much, no opinion.

Supports -

Josven- Good Support.

Spectral boy- Good Support.

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MGT MADNESS:  Been enjoying the updates of late can't wait to see more. only thing I can say is be a little more active with the community in-game and on forums

Head Mod:

Subarashii: Great head mod. Respectful and helpful when needed. Puts a lot of effort into this server keep up the good work


1 PK IN 22: Let me tell you Tyler has been an outstanding Moderator, He is respectful, helpful and over all polite to people that need help. He doesn't give out special treatments to any of friends. Hands down a great friends

DualBoot: Brother, I don't know what to say. I am glad you got moderator. what a great addition to the moderators you are and extremely active which is a bonus. also not abusive congrats on a well deserved promotion glad we became friends btw at first thought your name was dualboat whoops

Thuggahh: First mod to help me out back when I first started in August was very happy to see him as a mod still when I returned and now hes been helpful when I needed it and when other's did. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a head mod

Queen Pker: Good Moderator glad we got to know each other. not biased at all does his job fine but is a very unlucky when it comes to gambling

Clark: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them

Gramatik: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them

Hatorade: Can't give an opinion since I don't interact with them


Josven: Twinnermen! Glad you became a support always friendly and helpful great add to be honest! keep up the hard work! I can see you being a mod in the future

Spectral Boy: Not quite sure to be honest its a mixture of good and bad. You seem nice but fairly new on what to do because the other day at a tournament that you were at there was a lot of flaming and toxic and you seem lost on what to do but your new to the role. The good is I've seen you help people out time to time and are semi active compare to some supports in the past.






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Thank you guys for the kind words so far :) I'll also try to do my best to get on and interact more often aswell. 

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Admins - lel

MGT Madness- Never meet you but you probably aight. 

Head mod - Unknown

Subarashii - hi

Moderators - @ 

Hat- Cool dude

Clark- A real one, He's my faviourite a mysterious one.

1 pk in 22- Good guy helped me when I just started out :)

Jedzio- 1v1 dh

DualBoot- <3

Queen Pker- You owe me 123k 

Thuggahhh- Thank you for the dh trick at abyysal :) almost 6000kc now

Gramatik- Yes yes

Hatorade- ?

Supports -

Josven- Not sure

Spectral boy- Should be promoted to Moderator, good humour and always responds when anyone needs help :) 

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