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Staff Feedback Jan/2019

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MGT Madness - Fun OG admin

Head mod 

Subarashii- ?

Moderators - Most mods arent very active. Would like to see more mods active on daily basis.

Hat- Dont see in game

Clark- Dont see in game

1 pk in 22- Dont see in game

Jedzio- Only a few interactions but i can tell hes a good mod

DualBoot- Great mod. always willing to help

Hatorade- Top notch mod. wont stop working till problem is resolved and issue is cleared


Mlh- Friendly, Pro active and always helping out players in game. Always online in game to help.

Spectral boy- Great support. concerned about helping out players and getting the job done. Also online on disc to help.

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Admins -

MGT Madness- normie

Head mod -

Subarashii -havent met yet

Moderators -

Hat- hi

Clark- havent - met really

1 pk in 22 - better at pking then me

Jedzio- probally gunna clean me but good guy

DualBoot- havent met

Queen Pker- nice 

Thuggahhh- this guy still a mod?

Gramatik- ahvent met

Hatorade- good guy small ahnds though

Supports -

Josven- havent talked to alot

Spectral boy- good guy helpfull and nice

Mlh- another great helper and nice

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5 hours ago, 1 pk in 22 said:

lol.. i got 8 kills from you


Noty and im up 3.5m on you :D

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