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Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

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Spectral Boys PvM clan chat.

Ever since I started playing dawntained I've experienced difficulties finding people to group up with to kill certain bosses.
With this clan chat I hope to make it alot easier for everyone to just meet up and go slay the bosses of your choise and guide eachother were needed.

  • Requirments:
    - There are no requirments when it comes to gear and knowledge. All these will be gained trough the process of killing bosses.



  • Rules:
    - There will be no toxic behaviourthis will lead to a permanent ban in the clan chat.
    - Help each other out wherever you can, if someone needs advice on an specific boss for example.
    - Before killing the boss, get to an agreement with each other on how to split the loot (split the loot or free for all).
    - Most of all, have fun during the process!
  • How to join:
    - To join, simply enter the 'Spectral Boy' clan chat.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you all in game and having fun with PvM, good luck everyone!

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Sounds like a solid structure for a PvM clan, best of luck with it and good luck to everyone involved!

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