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i kant pk

::DZ island rework?

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Donator Zone - Rework ideas (part 1)


So the ideas I have are as followed that I would love to see brought into the ::DZ area

  1.  adding rocks to mine (Mithril Adamant Rune )
  2.  adding a smithing anvil to ::DZ
  3.  Making it so you can sell fletched items ( Longbows U ) to BM shop currently can only sell strung bows which makes no since considering you can sell rune ore to the store.
  4. Adding actual thieving stalls to ::DZ (not everyone is a legend donator) (can't thieve from ardounge stalls)

ill add more ideas as i think them up what do you guys think.


( mostly skiller updates )

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I mean it doesn't do me any good because i'm almost 200m in all skills haha. I just see so many people complain about not having enough things on the ::DZ place. 

thank you both for feedback :D

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