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A long journey

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At the moment I'm really broke right now so I will display my goals that I should hit

1. I'm going to camp ice strykewyrms till I get the ancestral piece, all the loots in between such as blood money and toxic staff of the deads and etc will be stored in bank and would not be sold. I will keep every drop

After I obtained my ancestral piece from ice stryk I will move onto mage arena and will grind till I hit the jackpot which is kodai and keep all the minor drops, then chaos fanatic for another ancestral and revenants for the last ancestral

After I completed the rare ancestral piece drops from these NPC's I will then plan to grind almost every boss till I get that rate drop

E.g next goal after ancestral and kodai will be demonic gorillas going for ballista and same for other bosses, I hope it goes well, my rng had been terrible ATM everyone grant me luck, thank you.


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Definitely might take a long time but keep at it and you'll get the drop in no time - best of luck!

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