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Christmas Quest guide

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Welcome to Christmas quest guide 

Items required: 1X Coal Which can be purchased at ::Shops under skilling 


 1X Limpwurt Root which can be purchased from west of ::skilling from Jatix


Now go talk to Santa once you got those items, will save time.


He will ask you to collect 50 snowballs. These snowballs are located in snow piles which spawn every 3 hours around the map YOU HAVE TO TALK TO SANTA FIRST IN ORDER TO  COLLECT SNOWBALLS.


When you have your 50 snowballs go back to Santa and he will tell you he sticks to his elves then He will tell you to go talk to Frawstey on Ice Mountain.



Once you've done talking to him he will tell you to go talk to Santa again. after talking to Santa you'll get this.



Congratulations, you've completed the quest.

Once you get 3k snowballs, you can get yourself a nice pet just talk to frawstey again!





I am welcome too any feedback, This is my first ever guide there is bound to be a few mistakes.

Thank you and I hoped it help.




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Thanks for posting a guide! I spent most of yesterday helping kids not get scanned by paying 500 bm ea for coal and the root. I was gonna make of today but seems you've covered it well nice work brother!

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