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Christmas update! 40% Bonus Tokens, Amulet of the damned, Scythe of vitur & more 26-12-2018

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Merry Christmas to everyone! Heart%20crystal%2017145.png

Sorry for the late release, it is late because i should have started working on this update a few days earlier, for the last 3 days i've been reviewing all the code put out by the developers to make sure they are bugless by testing everything properly and also thinking about how it will affect the game. This update is 60 days worth of updates!

Welcome to Dawntained's Christmas update. Where we have management improvements, new developers, christmas quest, events, 40% bonus donator tokens and tonnes of more content!
Also this white Christmas update logo was created by Moomauler!



Christmas quest Santa%20mask.png

Talk to Santa in Edgeville to start the quest. Rewards include cosmetics and a pet that you have to work hard for!
This quest will be removed on the 6th of January.




Christmas store bonus! Donator%20tokens.png

All donation rewards given to players will be increased by 40%. Yes this goes for every single type of donation towards Dawntained!
It ends on the 6th of January 2019.



Christmas event Snowball.png

Every few hours, a snow pile will spawn in a random announced location. You will need to collect snow balls from the snow pile in order to complete the quest and earn your snow pets! The snow pile gives loads of rewards at the end depending on the amount of snow balls you collected from it.
Check the ::events command to check when the snow pile event will spawn.

Pelt other players with the snowballs and dodge snowballs thrown at you! Use the command ::snowballs to check your dodging statistics!

This event will be removed on the 6th of January.

If you don't want to see snow, you can toggle it using ::snow. Also, try out the commands ::lightsnow and ::snowflakes for some different effects!






Christmas drop party Wise%20old%20man's%20santa%20hat%2031121

Each moderator has been given a holiday tool that they can use 20 times to spawn items on the ground. Where they will drop an average of 375k worth of normal items and 1.3m worth of rares if they use all 20 charges. So that is 1.7m worth of items each Moderator can bring to the players!
A total of 21m worth of items will be dropped!

This drop party will be removed on the 6th of January.

Moderator rules:

  • Announce it on yell before doing it, this is for the players.
  • You only get 20 charges, so use them carefully during christmas.





Salve amulet (ei) Salve%20amulet(ei).png

The Salve amulet (ei) is an imbued version of the salve amulet (i). It provides an additional +20% attack and damage against undead npcs when using magic or ranged. Such as Revenants, Vet'ion, Vorkath and much more.

The amulet has been added to the untradeable shop for 35k blood money. It is kept on death.




Barrows item sets Dharok's%20armour%20set.png

Barrows sets have been added to the blood money shop. Use it on a bank object to open them.





Amulet of the damned Amulet%20of%20the%20damned%20(full).png

The amulet has been added to the Blood money shop for 20k blood money.
Verac's and Torag's effect will be added in the next update.
The following buffs are granted if a player wears a full Barrows armour set in conjunction with the amulet of the damned.

 Dharok the Wretched's equipment - Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and a ring of recoil to recoil 100% of the damage taken.

 Guthan the Infested's equipment - Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal 10 hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level.

 Karil the Tainted's equipment - Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat.

 Ahrim the Blighted's equipment - Players wearing Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage.




Coloured Slayer helmets Green%20slayer%20helmet%20(i).png

Kill the Kalphite queen, King black dragon & Abyssal demon for their heads and use it on a Slayer helm to get it coloured!




::Events command Blood%20key.png

  • If an event is active, the text will be yellow.
  • If an event is 10 minutes close to being spawned, it will be blue.
  • If an event is 45 minutes close to being spawned, it will be dark red.
  • Issues where the event status would show incorrect information has been fixed.




Custom Edgeville

Edgeville has been given a make-over to give it a unique approach that fits Dawntained as a Pk based server. This new layout is less clunky and makes it feel organised.





Item retrieval

Talk to the Npc outside Vorkath or Zulrah to reclaim your lost items for a fee of 2.5% of what you lost.




Dragon 2h Dragon%202h%20sword%2030394.png

The special attack has been added, it damages all players 1 tile close around the target for 60% special attack.




Scythe of vitur Scythe%20of%20vitur.png

It now functions perfectly to Osrs! Hitting up to 3 players in multi and hitting large creatures 3 times.





Right click menu

When right clicking loot piles or anything else on your screen, the right click menu shall expand as far as possible. But not outside of your screen ofcourse.





  • Prices added for the 1 to 3 doses of: Super combat potions, Battlemage potions, Bastion potions & Sanfew serums.
  • Scrolls removed from drops to not confuse players.
  • Selling specific items to the shop in a tournament has been disabled, to prevent mage-only abusers.
  • Pathing to npcs that are surrounded by un-accessible tiles has been improved. Previously the player would take a terrible route. Npcs such as Zulrah & Kraken.
  • Pathing to other normal big npcs has been improved. In-combat and normal npc click interaction.
  • Lottery npc telling the player when the lottery ends instead of when it starts.
  • Agility teleports moved to the teleport interface, instead of a dialogue option.
  • You can now use quick set-up straight out of combat in a safe zone, instead of waiting a few seconds.
  • When you do not receive bonus artefacts from pking, the game will alert you that it's a anti-pk farm prevention.
  • Wilderness multi lines have been perfected to what Osrs has. Owain literally ran the entire multi edges of the Osrs wilderness. Now that is what you call real emulation!
    Wilderness start line has been correct for North of G.E.
  • Clan chat moderator and ban list extended.
  • Profile rare drops list now shows the latest 100 drops properly.
  • Quick set-up now saves your quick prayers!
  • Vengeance sprite will now fade away when on cooldown.
  • Being low prayer and low hp will make a smooth fadeout instead of static flashing.
  • Player pets no longer cover other players.



Bugs demolished

  • Zulrah not sending kill count message.
  • Vengeance requiring no runes to cast.
  • Combining amulet of glories together.
  • Issues where your enemy can attack you, but you cannot attack them back. Happened with Magic and Ranged.
  • Account offer bug where you won't receive it if you have a bank pin that is unentered.
  • Banking bug where you could have multiple versions of an item.
  • Exiting corporeal beast cave to enter wilderness while rag banned.
  • Blood barrage not healing properly against npcs.
  • Looting bag bug where you keep it on death, the opened version along with all the items inside it.
  • Duel arena exploit.
  • Hacker alert has been fixed.
  • Guardian boots had no defence requirement.
  • The disconnection bug has been fixed. Caused by the last big update.
  • Dark bow dragon arrow dupe fixed.
  • Regular players teleporting into donator zone.
  • The ::bank command will now open up bank pin if you have one set.
  • If you or opponent do not have enough space to active anti-scam in duel interface, the anti-scam option will be ticked even though the system does not count it as ticked.
  • You could not toggle on anti-scam in duel interface by clicking on the text instead of the button.
  • If two players commit a double death in duel and they both staked an item and they both have full inventory to receive the item, instead of dropping under them after they respawn, it drops in the duel arena ring instead.
  • Player unattackable bug:
    If player A is maging Player B and Player B retaliates once. If player A continues to attack Player B, Player C will not be able to attack Player A at all.
  • Attacking Vorkath and leaving cave while on Vorkath task to immediately receive slayer xp.
  • Xlogging while in duel could make both players stuck in a duel.
  • Dragon warhammer did not reduce npc defence.
  • Searching an item and dragging it to a different bank tab would not work.
  • Fixed dragon crossbow projectile.
  • Wilderness course fixes:
    - Players could not enter/exit while being in combat.
    - Gate spamming "busy" in chatbox.
  • Some player animations such as cross wilderness ditch had issues when viewing other players perform it. We now have this fixed, which means we can get every osrs animation working perfectly for the future, mostly agility related animations and Callisto push-back animation for example.
  • Donators getting the afk chair spam message in chatbox.
  • Karil's crossbow was 1 tick too slow.
  • A hacker who is on your account can no longer use ::recoverpass to get your bank pin.
  • Ranged following bug when switching from long range to accurate/rapid.
  • Getting damaged after teleporting.
  • Clicking on empty bank tabs and depositing an item would go into the wrong tab at certain cases.
  • Private messages not being sent at the staff zone.
  • Noon pet animation fixed
  • New Osrs friends list/ignore list affecting non-osrs gameframes.
  • Bots displaying on right click even though you have them set as off.
  • Make-over mage interface showing npcs and other players.
  • Black maps around canifis/port phasmatys
  • Black spot at Vorkath and white lines on different settings of client detail.
  • Equipment flicker visual issue when unequipping/equipping items.
  • When clicking on scroll button, rather than staying still, it would move the scroll bar.
  • Old autocast interface not showing barrage as highlighted when using combo runes and other times it would show highlighted on the normal ancient magicks interface when infact you do not have enough runes.
  • Fixed an issue where your last pm would be set as your autochat.




  • An Pk/Pvm event has been added at 8 AM due to that hour being empty.
  • Daily highscores prize increased to 50k blood money!
  • Red skull now lasts indefinitely to prevent it from being lost in crucial moments of a fight.
  • You cannot teleport for 5 seconds after using a special attack in PvP, to give a chance for the other player to punish the attacker.
    This change has been introduced by Osrs and we think it is also a great idea to combat players who use a special attack and instant teleport.
  • Moderators can now easily find out a player's name change history. Used to find out players who attempt to escape punishments and not to violate a player's privacy.
  • Graceful pieces are not kept on death.
  • Studded body added to ranged shop.
  • Granite longsword added to melee shop.
  • Karambwan reduced to 40 blood money from 50.
  • Half anchovy pizza added to food shop.
  • Missing spiders added to Kbd ladder.
  • Missing hobgoblins added to hoblinb area at ::lavadrags
  • 300$ payments now give 33% bonus instead of 30%.
  • Dice bag can now be sold back for 150k blood money instead of 70k.
  • You can now set your hp, allowing for different builds.
  • Giant mole area is now multi.
  • You can now use the price checker in the wilderness.
  • When using the pre-eoc cursor, it will show mostly the correct cursor images.




We have reached over 250 custom items on Dawntained, we now allow players to choose any recolour they want. There was previously a list of 250 taken custom item colours but who even goes through all 250 items, even i don't when creating customs xD

Custom items lost on death are now purchased back for 10% of their original price from the void npc at ::shops
The cost to buy it back is also dropped to the killer.


  • Dragon claws, Black and yellow for Yeha
  • Dragon claws, Sky blue and lime green for Elixir Bucal
  • Elysian spirit shield, black shield, yellow sigil and yellow trim for Yeha
  • Elysian spirit shield, white shield with blue sigil for Demian.
  • Elysian spirit shield, black shield, cyan sigil, cyan trim for Moneytalks
  • Armadyl crossbow, black and the yellow parts stay yellow for Yeha
  • Vesta's chainbody, black with orange trims for Clark
  • Vesta's plateskirt, black with orange trims for Clark
  • Vesta's plateskirt, white skirt with red legs for Sink
  • Vesta's longsword, Gilded blade with red handle for M2the achine
  • Vesta's longsword, purple for Whakk Job
  • Vesta's longsword, rainbow for K20a
  • Vesta's longsword, black for Clark
  • Vesta's longsword, dark red for Bench
  • Vesta's longsword, all lava coloured for 1 Pk In 22
  • Zuriel's robe bottom, white lower skirt, red upper skirt that connects with top for Sink
  • Zuriel's robe top, Red vest, white undershirt and cyan sleeve cuffs for Sink
  • Morrigan's leatherbody, white shirt with red vest and cyan vambraces for Sink
  • Ghrazi rapier, orange and white for Thuggahhh
  • Vesta's plateskirt, black, orange and white for Thuggahhh
  • Vesta's chainbody, black, orange and white for Thuggahhh
  • Vesta's longsword, green and orange for Thuggahhh
  • Statius's warhammer, purple hammer, dark blue handle like dark blue graceful for Pity4Piety
  • Sled, black for Josven
  • Vesta's longsword, black handle and orange blade for Headhunter69
  • Berserker Ring (i), black and lime green for Chest Barrel
  • Zuriel's staff, white staff, red crystal for Pouch



Christmas logo & Client background

Jedzio has worked hard on these to give Dawntained a festive feel! Special thanks to him.





New Icon favicon.png

An amazing new icon has been put together by Moomauler. Our old icon was red and white which did not match our website theme what so ever.


chrome_2018-12-24_04-36-18.png eclipse_2018-12-24_04-08-03.png eclipse_2018-12-24_04-07-58.png iexplore_2018-12-24_04-07-44.pngchrome_2018-12-24_04-05-17.png




I've hired a random developer from Upwork to make all website pages responsive, which means all website pages are now mobile compatible! I can now officially show off my website to my gf on my phone.
Affected pages: Home page, vote page, store page, bmt micro page, osrs page & the play page.

A small bug fix to do with the logo has also been dealt with on the forum page on mobile devices.

Screenshot_20181225-044251.jpg Screenshot_20181225-044737.jpg



Dawntained merchandise

I have invested into a merchandise company that is willing to create Dawntained related clothes. We will be selling white Dawntained T-shirts on our store page for only 30$! Here is a picture of my gf wearing one.


jk credits to moomauler




We have had our first discord mass-unban around 3 weeks ago. A total of 800 bans have been removed. Staff now follow strict banning rules on discord, where they need to provide proof and a reason to ban a player off discord, so we can use this proof against the banned player.




As some of you have noticed in the past few months, i've been answering pms and player support threads many weeks late, this was due to me focusing on development instead of keeping a balance between both duties. So from today onwards, i will be doing my player support work once a day. My motivation has truly come back, you will see a well managed Dawntained.



Development team

I've hired two new developers who have been in the Rsps scene for many year. They are both very capable developers and have already rolled out many updates in this Christmas update.
@Optimumand @Jonny

Optimum introduced alot of developer team management practices to me which he learned from a software company he worked at and we have successfully implemented it, it is Scrum for any of you who are interested.
It is a way of organising and keeping a smooth communication flow within the development team. This way we can prioritize updates that the players needs the most.


Head Moderator

I have decided to hire a Head moderator in the EU timezone who is @Subarashii. Because our Head mod Tony who is in the NA timezone is finding it difficult to find EU players due to the time difference. This occured around a month ago and so far our new Head mod has kept an active amount of staff online during the EU time zone.



Development blog

After every update release, i will create a development blog where all the developers can post images of what they are working on.
Now you will know what is going to be released! https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/53-development-blogs/



Dawntained update plan

Dawntained monthly updates will now be released during the first 7 days of each month. With this new development team and structure, it will be easier to stick to schedule. So the next update will be in the first week of February.



Please Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!

Lwkwhin.png The updates have been worked on hard by MGT Madness, Jason, Owain, Optimum & Jonny

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Spicy looking updates. Nice to see you've hired on more help as well.

Best of luck in the future and can't wait to see what else you guys release.


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38 minutes ago, Subarashii said:


Your name from the anime with subaru in it as the main character?

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Loving the work and dedication that has been put into this update.

Looking forward to experience the updates on Dawntained.

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