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PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

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I am under the impression that the majority of players, after making a certain amount of bank, stop doing PvP tasks. Personally, I do them quite a bit because I enjoy PK'ing with all styles. However, I feel for players that have developed and have played for a while and gathered some bank already, they just stop doing them entirely; if they ever even did them in the first place.

I know everyone has a prefer style of PK'ing (Pure/Zerk/Tank/Main melee), but I think it would be good for the server to encourage players to try out all styles of PK'ing.

My suggestion is to increase rewards of PvP tasks. Not necessarily with more blood money, but perhaps introduce a new PvP/PK point system. Players that complete PvP tasks receive X amount of PvP points that could be spent at the PvP shop. Items in the shop could also include PvP gear such as Morrigans/Zuriels/Statius/Vesta (which would be great because these items currently are simply for-show for the ultra rich in the game, rather than being used in the wilderness as intended. Would be great if you guys also suggest items that could be introduced in a potential PvP point shop as well.

Let me know what you think of this. I believe it will make PK'ing more enjoyable and diverse overall.

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100% support also, even just to add something new to bring new players in.  I usually stick to just pure/main melee pking but would switch it up more, Maybe if PvP weapons/gear was added, and also some other items it would give none pkers maybe a interest in pking also. because of the ability to be able to get decent money from shops...

Pk tier statues 

maybe could add the tier statues 1-10 for different amount of pkp points given when traded in instead of just earning pkp from getting kill, also could make the regular statues be able to trade in for pkp also instead of blood money.


PvP weapons, God sword sets/claws/Emaul/range weapons/mage weapons


PvP gear/bandos/range gear/mage gear/spirit shield sets/maybe barrows gear/ justiciar/ancestral/dragon fire shield


add the combat potions/anglers/dark crabs/tabs/seed pods and anything else that falls in this section


maybe just some random items in there to mix it up some

if anyone else has something to add to what could be in the store please reply below and lets try and see if we can get this added! :D

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Support this 100%.



I love Dawntained, but in terms of it's economic state it's dominated by Gamblers/Stakers and High-Riskers or people who mass donate.

You won't come across a Player with an above average bank that doesn't do either of those, because money-making is atrocious on here.

Simply because PvM rewards are utter trash, why PvM hours on end when you can make more in 1-3 hours farming pures as a Donator?

PvP tasks, while I love the concept of it.. it is as you said nowhere near rewarding enough.



I feel as though a re-work for both would be nice, introduce Raids I and II items through other means.

Surely this'll have some hate from the ultra-rich who invested in PvP Armour, but let's be honest it's dead content.. it's PvP armour but nobody uses it that way due to value.

I hardly ever care for Suggestion Threads but this one intrigued me, I want to see Players become wealthy without being required to do any of the above methods.


Sincerely, Shirou.

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I'll support this as well. While I don't pvp as much as I probably should at this point because I literally just sit around the whole time I'm online, I'm down for a revamp on the pvp tasks. 

I'm confident that would widen everyone's perspective on pvp play styles as well, and maybe give them an insight towards styles they wouldn't have considered pking with before.

Good suggestion, Gram. You got my vote.

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If you would like to keep the rarity of the rare PvP armours tho. Maybe it's a suggestion to add in corrupt PvP armours which will require a certain defence level to wear and will crumble to dust after a certain ammount (maybe after 30/45 minutes).

The corrupt armours would turn into: (Example: Vesta's longsword (degradebale)). Which isn't tradebale. So once it's worn and has been in combat for 1 second it should turn into (deg) and isn't tradebale.

Just a quick suggestion so the rarity of PvP armours (undegradebale) will still have a rarity as it currently is.

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Support, I rarely play this game any more purely cause i got bored of it and the lack of variation & money making methods, But i still browse the forums every now and then and an update like this would deffo make me play again 9_9

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