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Eggheads RETURNS!!!!

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Yes We have returned!!! The O.G clan that used to work together as a team and supported our members!

We are a professional group of people that take care of one another and stick by each others side.

We take pride in being eggheads and rock the EH motto till we die!

If you join this clan and take pride in being an eggheads member and give it your all you can expect the following!


- special Bonds


-Blood money




FOUNDERS - Tony,Throne





5 days minimum in-game time experience (Flexible)

Non Toxic








Ranks will be given out to those who prove their loyalty to the clan.

Initial recruits will be placed on a probationary period that will last around a week.

The first rank will be given to those who are active in the clan both in-game and on the Discord.

After the first rank, ranks will be given based on activity. This includes, attending clan events, being active in the clan chat, and Discord, assisting clan members or other players, etc.

Higher Up ranks will be give to players who are voted in by other higher ups.




To apply, reply to this post with the following format:

Account Name:
Account Type:
Playtime: (Please post or link a screenshot of in-game playtime)
Are you in any other clans? (If so, which one?)
Reason for joining:
Recruited by:







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ccount Name: Listeriosis
Account Type: Everyching mane
Discord: im da medic #0761
Time-zone: EST
Playtime: http://prntscr.com/lfqmgt
Are you in any other clans? (If so, which one?) No
Reason for joining: Getting serious with the game. I want to make myself known in the community. Love working in a team as well. 
Recruited by: That god damn amazing youtube video

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