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MGT Madness

Store information & Mystery box rewards!

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Donate to Dawntained today
Donate today to help us Grow and to help pay for the hosting, advertising & website development bills. We are thankful to all Donators!
To donate via Paypal or credit card, go to http://dawntained.com/store Type in ::claimdonation after you have donated to receive your Donator tokens/Virtual credits in-game.
You may also donate via Osrs gp, bitcoins & Uk bank transfer, type in the command ::osrs in-game

Donate here https://www.dawntained.com/store

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Mystery Box
Super Mystery box
Legendary Mystery Box!

Buy it for very cheap at the Donator shop for a chance at making 10x your money by landing on a rare item! Donate here https://www.dawntained.com/store
Here is a gif of me opening a Legendary Mystery Box!  The rare rewards are Raids 2 items, Party hats, Rainbow partyhat, 3rd Age, Ancestral, Elysian, H'ween masks, Santa hat & Black Santa hat!
On average, you will receive 15% more loot compared to buying blood money from the Donator shop.




Omega Mystery Box

The Omega Mystery Box contains Pvp items, such as Vesta, Zuriels and Morrigans! This box is the most valuable Mystery box out there.



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