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Found 1 result

  1. EVENTS WILL START AT ROUGHLY 11PM SERVER TIME TONIGHT FOLLOWING ON FROM ONE ANOTHER. Drop Party Random location will be yelled and two inventory's of items will be dropped ranging from items that are cheap to items that are very rare! Dragon Mace Tournament This will work the exact same as dds tournament but instead it's a Dragon Mace! To Enter this tournament you MUST Comment on the signup thread with your ingame name, failing to do so will not enter you into the tournament. SIGNUP HERE https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/2037-dragon-mace-signup-thread-04112017/ The Prize for this tournament will be 1st place 250K Bloodmoney. 2nd place 100K Bloodmoney. - Follow Staff instructions at all times. - DMACE ONLY - No food - No other weapons - No armour - No Pots - No Prayer - No gear just Dragon mace - You will be given an opponent if you win you'll go through to the next round. FLOWER POKER TOURNAMENT These are for the donator ranks who have a dice bag you must signup to the thread to be able to enter where you will 1v1 an opponent given to make it to the finals and win the grand prize of 50-200k bm depending on the number of participants. AT THE END THERE MAY BE A HP EVENT! NOT 100% CONFIRMED.