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Found 5 results


    We're back to stay! From the 11th to the 15th of April i gambled, pked and staked a total of 350m, with 100m profit in this VIDEO :D To enter the 2 mill giveaway, leave a like, comment your favourite clip and subscribe ! Winner announced 21th of April ! Gl everyone ! Good luck everyone Michael // Askeladden
  2. Had alot of stuff going on, plus i lost my license to upload videos, but here we are, comeback ! The video :D To enter the 1 mill giveaway, leave a like, comment your favourite clip and subscribe ! Winner announced 13th of April ! Gl everyone ! Sincerely Michael // Aske
  3. You can take the boy out of the duel arena, but you can't take the duel arena out of the boy. Back at it again, both high risk and staking this time. Recording this was hella fun, hope you enjoy ! Newest vid + tbow giveaway Went to Italy for 10 days, so had to postpone, but here it is! To enter the giveaway you simply have to like, comment ur ign and favourite clip along with subscribing to my channel. The winners will be announced the 7th of March, gl everyone ! Sincerely Michael // Askeladden Postponed, but will host tbow giveaway 01.03.2018 21:00
  4. Enjoy the 2nd video of my pking and staking series. This video features me staking dozens of people and spending their bank on my Immortal rank! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkY1JEio21o&feature=youtu.be I will also be hosting a 400k giveaway which includes a full max set, with ags, bandos, elder, d claws, supplies and what's more ! To enter the giveaway you just have to like, comment(your fav clip and ign) and subscribe ! Winner will be chosen the 21.st of december, good luck everyone! -Askeladden