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Found 31 results

  1. big hits feed

    lets see some big hits boys
  2. NEW Video + GIVEAWAY!

    100 SUBS REACHED! NEW Multi pking + GIVEAWAY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7Oa50Pt6Q&t=4s
  3. Lucky Duck vid 3

  4. I'm Yellow Hat

    Hi All ^.^ My names Yellow Hat, I decided to hop back into the Pserver life and see the change over the last few years. Surprised mopar still exists, and happy to see so many servers up and running I run a OSRS company in regards to services, items, powerleveling etc, and figured could link that for you guys as well. https://beatrunescape.com/ https://www.powerbot.org/community/profile/1842664-yellow-hat/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Not sure the rules didn't see anything regarding posting links but figured it was okay if not let me know! Any tips for the server where I should begin? Yellow Hat
  5. Check out more of my videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk6_hnKMAr3y-G9av4Fffig/videos?view_as=subscriber Most of my videos, if not all, have some sort of pking montage embedded in them. I am selling pking lessons jk.. LOL dont ban me. rwter right here LOL JK, I dont do that. This video is showing you all different pure setups I've been using the whole day and I personally like MSB into dds into ags.. ppl dont expect it, or u can imbue ur msb so u only use 50% spec and go right into an ags spec after. Hope u all enjoy, i love the feedback from the community good or bad drop a comment and don't forget to like/comment/subscribe if u like my content guys! peace out homies
  6. SUP GUYS!! I am glad to announce I will be uploading more and more content as I have upgraded from my trial version just 2 posts under this one is the first ever video I have edited, now that I have the upgraded version of movavi video editor, I can upload without the watermark going through the center of the video haha. So vid #2 is right here, hope you guys enjoy, and like comment subscribe on youtube if you did enjoy! all feedback is appreciated, drop some below or on my youtube page. thanks guys <3
  7. Enjoy my first ( and bad ) Pk video, im still working on my editing. i suck at it i will pick a random comment ( like and sub ) and buy them 150 Donatortokens / First donator rank! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ike987Nky_0&t=
  8. 1 week of nh progress

    recently started learning nh pking. this is where im at now please comment and criticize / tell me what to do better. cheerz
  9. 51 on the drop (good song atleast)

    shitty clips with a nice song
  10. Safespray CC

    Looking for a new clan? join Safepray clanchat today! Multi and Singles pking daily Big give aways almost weekly and BIG splits from key if you have been active/helpfull ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES:: MUST HAVE DISCORD No bsing! NO joining other clans to pk. When In War its mandatory to join! keep returning until a rank tells you to stop. GEAR:: 5x ahrims sets 5x karil's top/v skirt 5x blessed spirit shield 1x toxic staff 1x claws or ags 5x dragon spears Must use p necks for tanking in multi.
  11. Hello gamer! What is this about? I will explain it all to you!!! WE the RAIDERS CLAN are still looking for for active members for multi pking, blood keys, skotizo and alot of fun. If u think you are right for us or would like to be a Part of RAIDERS than let us know ur ingame name. What do u have to bring with you for the admission with the RAIDERS? 1. Be chill 2. Be ready for keys at any time 3. Be Helpful 4. Have atleast 100 hybrid kills You should not do any of the following! 1. Chill at bosses in the wilderness and hope that we are there to protect you 2. Be a spy 3. Agressive or unrestrained 4. Offensive These are the rules! 1. If we catch you spying on another cc you will be banned 2. If u insult anyone there will be a warning 3. Just chill Furthermore we are still looking for 2-3 MODS which are trustworthy! You can apply for moderator status in the comment section. If u are interested please contact us ingame @ Raiders, S m i t h or Isucklol YOUR RAIDERS TEAM
  12. Hello there, i been thinking bout getting a bit into streaming, that plus the small help it would make to the server keep more active, i did a fast config and decided to try it out to see what can be improved and how it goes. Please take a moment to get into the stream, and hopefully leave a reply in this thread giving me any advice you feel i could take. Currently i am using OBS, always felt is the easiest software to stream with. Stream link: https://www.smashcast.tv/ill99illrsps
  13. This nigga said I fced him, but the mage was only a part of my rush, in which I presumed was allowed? Idk, I think he's just a little salty ^.^ Hi Mizz Edit: No negative energy, it's all jokes lol. I didn't fc the guy though.
  14. EXPOSED is back boys

    Hey applicants! Exposed is back, if you want to apply do it in the comments. Here is the format we want: Name: Age: IGN: Past Clans: Do you have ags or claws? which one?: Time Zone: How Long Have You Been Pking for?: Where You In Exposed Previously?: Gear YOU NEED for multi: Inventory: https://gyazo.com/f80fd8442f740d2e7225b1a1a48e6872 Gear: https://gyazo.com/909e731519c45d405352d2183487fa5f Anything You Want To Ask/Say: Clan Chat Leaders l0lpk and friends list. Thanks guys have a nice day!

    We're back to stay! From the 11th to the 15th of April i gambled, pked and staked a total of 350m, with 100m profit in this VIDEO :D To enter the 2 mill giveaway, leave a like, comment your favourite clip and subscribe ! Winner announced 21th of April ! Gl everyone ! Good luck everyone Michael // Askeladden
  16. I've played this server like a year ago. Decided to come back and pk a bit yesterday while afking osrs. Recorded some welfare nhing clips and uploaded.
  17. Hope you guys enjoyed :). Winner of Green H'ween Mask announced in this video plus a new giveaway!!
  18. Dawntained

    Lets see who decides.
  19. This my first pk commentary! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you guys would like to see next! Going to be making a Dicing guide here soon. Thanks Click HERE to watch video or watch below.
  20. Lava dragons

    Buff lava dragons to make them desirable? Add pet, add to boss tasks, etc? Edit: uncommon high bm drops (2-5k), vissy chance
  21. Wilderness Mod

    Higher up people [isolo&mgt] pick one of the current moderators as an official "Wilderness Mod" so like their main focus is on the rule breakers & overall toxicity of the wilderness (especially edgeville). This would greatly improve the general mood of the wilderness and encourage more people to actually pk without the annoyance of raggers, rule breakers, ect.
  22. 300K Giveaway

    New Video is on my channel featuring a 300k giveaway Goodluck everyone <3