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Found 12 results

  1. NEW Video + GIVEAWAY!

    100 SUBS REACHED! NEW Multi pking + GIVEAWAY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7Oa50Pt6Q&t=4s

    pkpk, leave a like
  3. show some support #EXPOSED , if u want smoke reply on thread we'll welcome u with Ags specs
  4. A better server for PKers

    I feel that there is not really much fun for PKers on this server. Why? Because there are no points to chase for. I don't really see a reason why as to PK on this server yet this is so-called a PK server? On top of that, PKers lose out more money on this server. I've donated $20 to upgrade gears, however over time, I'm back to being broke with 10k BM left. I suggest a few changes. 1) Implement a new PKer Points system, where PKers earn PKP (PK points) based on the number of kills they have. This PKP can then be used to buy good gears and weapons, typically AGS, Heavy Balista, etc. you know what I mean. This at least compensates PKers despite losing their items/money as we are allowed to buy new gears again without donating. 2) Increase the BM for streaks. I really find 50-200BM so ridiculous for each killstreaks. Like really? If I lose out an AGS, I have to be on killstreak 1000 times to earn back an AGS if I ever got smited etc. 3) PVP Task should be decided. My PVP task are always having two kinds of kills - Pure and Melee Main, Hybrid and Tribrid, etc, which the tasks are incompetent for me and other PKers. Should probably allow us to choose which PVP task we would like to have - Pure, Hybrid, Melee Main, Tribrid, etc specifically. I hope that this server gets better with my suggestions and improvements from others.
  5. Hiei The Pk [Vid 5]

  6. Hope you guys enjoyed :). Winner of Green H'ween Mask announced in this video plus a new giveaway!!
  7. This my first pk commentary! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you guys would like to see next! Going to be making a Dicing guide here soon. Thanks Click HERE to watch video or watch below.
  8. Wilderness Mod

    Higher up people [isolo&mgt] pick one of the current moderators as an official "Wilderness Mod" so like their main focus is on the rule breakers & overall toxicity of the wilderness (especially edgeville). This would greatly improve the general mood of the wilderness and encourage more people to actually pk without the annoyance of raggers, rule breakers, ect.
  9. self pro-claimed cali member piping up?? and getting 5-0'd, either way, enjoy the vid.