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Found 28 results

  1. Increase Spellbook swap usage

    As you know, Fire Surge has been implemented in the game. This allows for balanced Hybriding with the Normal book, and it has made the Normal spellbook quite powerful. This will be detrimental to the Magic cape, which allows the player to Spellbook swap between Normal, Ancient and Lunar spellbooks.

  3. hi,my ign: zizz i have a good ideas that you may love it. mini game: what is this mini game? : its a mini game that every one can play it , were u will kill player to get better weapons and gear. u can choose between "range" or "melee". how does it work? : u will start with 5 sharks and a bronze dagger , killing player will automatically update to a better weapon "like from bronze dagger to a bronze sword" and if your range "u can update from a shortbow and bronze arrow to a better bow or crossbow and better arrows " to get gear there is a 25% chance when killing a player to get gear , when u die u will lose your item and go back to the starter gear and weapon , in the map u can find a statue that give u food and potions every 5 minutes, u can get to a god swords and whips and spac weapon, what can i win? : every kill u get you will get a token, when u leave you will get all tokens. what do tokens do? : u can buy pk gear and weapons in the mini game that if u die u don't lose them . or you can buy items not in the mini game. tokens? : its tradable so you can make money from this mini game. ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... i hope you will like this suggestion , let me know. zizz
  4. Dear dawntained players, I've been in couple of "Pking" clans in-game, and have seen the lack of seriousness and organization they have. This is kind of frustrating. The server is basically pvp based, it is growing, and i think it would be nice for trusty/competitive/skilled/loyal players to have a nice group to be part of. I am asking out this to people on the forums in order to see how much support would this have and if its actually something that could be done with success. I am giving a format to the idea and writing everything down. The clan would be followed by a discord server with some bots/plugins added. Would try to add a micro-currency inside the Discord server, exchangeable for game money (Bloodmoney) (NO RWT). Simply a server/discord trade-able thing. Would explain detailed if this gets a possitive from most of you. The clan would also have a division of mods, with certain benefits in order to motivate the trust, loyalty & activity in them. Obviously the ones last mentioned would've to apply and meet certain requirements in order to earn the rank. These mods will have certain rolls and there would be a point system in order for them to get rewarded and promoted, aswell as this same system for clan members. It would basically be a requirement to have discord in order to be a clan member and enjoy the giveaways, events, trips, and clan system of rewards. As you can see this clan would be mainly pvp based, aswell as the events that would take place, though, inside the discord server there would be a space for pvming and enjoy/chill with your friends. It would be a well organized thing, might sound complex, but the complexity of being able to realize this clan would depend merely on the players. Thanks for your time, and please vote this poll if you would like this idea to take place in Dawntained rsps!
  5. Hello I was thinking about how to update the server a little bit . Some people ask for how to start the server without cash, they normale member saying: pvm, merch , skilling. But you dont make bank with skilling, So maybe we should find a way to make a bank with skilling. Like a shop to sell the items. I did woodcutting like 3hours for like 30k, its not alot to make a bank for pking , you cant even buy a ags of the cash that you made in 3hours. they would pking really fast. I think that many more people would like to skill and then to penny for the real cash! ---- it is also better to start with the server when you have a little stack---- What do you think of this or do you also have opinions? Let it now!
  6. Selling Black Partyhat 1.3M

    Selling my black partyhat. 1.35M PM OFFER Ign: 3Rd Aq3 R4nq
  7. Fight 1 - 4:22 Fight 2 - 10:52
  8. Thank you guys for understanding and please leave me feedback on what I should do next
  9. Hope you guys enjoyed :). Winner of Green H'ween Mask announced in this video plus a new giveaway!!
  10. Be sure to like/comment your in game name/ subscribe to enter the giveaway
  11. Hope you guys enjoy! Click HERE to watch video or watch down below
  12. Need Signature

    i need signature like...pk picture with big dark bow.. and blur them and write my name ""D E F E N D""
  13. This my first pk commentary! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you guys would like to see next! Going to be making a Dicing guide here soon. Thanks Click HERE to watch video or watch below.
  14. I'm sorry I didn't see there was already a video on this but I tried to cover everything a beginner should know. If I left anything out please let me know. Update: They're are a few items in the untradables shop that will be lost on death(Void/f'cape/torso/d defender/ and a few other will not be lost on death). Simply left click the blood money merchant and buy back untradables if lost for a small fee. Click HERE to watch the video or watch below.

    WHY GAMBINOS IS THE BEST CLAN IN DAWNTAINED PART 2 --------------------- ALL IN 1 WEEK -------------------- SINGLES Empathy/Cartel Been 2 weeks believe, wuu2? TY FOR 8M+ MORE EASY THAN DANIELS IMAGINE GUETTING COMPARED WITH DANIELS THE MULTI BOTS L000000000000000000000000000000000L 1.9M LOOT IN ONLY 2 KILLS EMBARRASING PLANKERS Jordan - Today at 6:41 PM believe demoted me to trial status over 1 death on a 16 man fi 1st death in max in almost a year "APVCHE" DEMOTED AFTER DIEING TO GAMBINOS DEMORALIZED CLAN EMPATHY'S LEADER KEEP AVOIDING 1V1 CLOWNS, YALL CAN'T NH, CHECK THE SCORE Elvy Welcome to singles #Chaos unit MULTI Daniels RANDOM SINGLE KILLPICS Pm "John Gotti" 4 spy No competition, closing 12 multi clans and verji/bd/elvy in singles in the last 2 months Empathy ur next The most hated by dawntained - #GAMBINOS Still won't stop us. Look at the chat
  16. In this guide I'll be showing you the setups/inventories/safe spot for Cerberus Sorry guys for the black bars! Will be removed for next video! Hope you guys still enjoy!
  17. Let me know what you guys would like to see! Next video will be in HD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk3iLlJJDOI&feature=youtu.be
  18. Renegades > Bustdown back for a couple of days, the outcome was sublime. More to come, expect a pk video soon. Pm Igetrevenge or Mex to spy before it's too late.
  19. hey guys , just sit back and feed your staking addiction! also dont forget to join the giveaway!
  20. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hey guys, well, i just joined this rsps forums, and was thinking bout starting with some threads, the fastest i thought of was this one, so here is it. In this thread i will give you some tips & a fast guide to kraken boss, aswell as an spoiler of the drops you might get if you try it out. TIPS ♫ Either use toxic blowpipe, with ranged gear of your selection, or magic (trident of the swamp) would be the prefered. ♫ Pay the 1500 BM for the private room to this boss. (you get this option when you click on the safe-boss teleport) ♫ Bring the least food you can, and maximize your "trip" by filling (inside wilderness, be careful) your looting bag (you can get yours from untradeables @BM store for 3000 BM), with prayer/super restore/sanfew potions. ♫ REMEMBER: attack(there is no need to kill) all the level 127 whirpools before trying to attack the big one. This will assure you are not wasting your time splashing the big one. ♫ ALWAYS : pray protect magic, otherwise if half afk you might get killed. Alright, those were the tips for kraken, here are some images that will get straight to the point, aswell as my luck in this trip. GEAR: - Full void, w/magic helm: | Can replace with mystics, ahrims,infinity, in the case of being a pure with ghostly robes or elder robes. - Occult necklace: +12 | Can use amulet of glory, fury, or magic. - Ring of wealth (i): for + 3% drop increase. | If can't afford, i recommend using regular ring of wealth, which can be bought from players for around 500 BM. - Eternal boots: +8 | Can use instead infinity boots, or wizard / rock climbing boots. - Mage's book: +15 | Can use regular unholy book, or ancient book. - Trident of the swamp: +25 (unlimited spells w/out need of runes) | Can use barrage, or regular magics, aswell as any other staff or wand. - Zamorak god cape: +10 | Can be replaced with max cape, or an imbued god cape. My trip drops: In 40 kraken kills, i got: • Abyssal tentacle (3) • Trident of the swamp (1) • Blood Money: (4951) Images|gifs: [That's how kraken should look when all whirpools are "active" and its getting killed.] In this image we can see how the withdraw function from lootbag can help us maximise our trip lenght. NOTE: Can only be done outside of wilderness. Here we see the "how to" fill your looting bag. NOTE: It can only be done inside of the wilderness. I recommend being careful, and obviously protecting meele incase of a random rusher. Goodluck & have fun .
  21. 12th of Jan, 8.5m giveaway!

    Hello and happy new years everyone! Hope you all had great start on the near year, 2018! (I certainly did :-D, promotion at both work and ingame!) Tomorrow is the 12th of Jan which marks the end of the great Biafrawar in Nigeria! To celebrate this I’m both announcing the 1m winner of 1M Giveaway (How to get supreme) and hosting various events where the prizes will be valued to a total of 7.5million bloodmoney! (Big thanks to the community’s bigbois for funding parts of this prizepool!) (I'll try to do it on peaktime, so around 22:00 my time as im GMT+1 and most of you are americans!) < Some of the items ! If you leave a comment on this post you’re also participating in an Ancesteral set-giveaway! (Winner will be chosen at random!) Good luck everyone! Sincerely Askeladden // Michael
  22. Ironman!

    Starting Ironman series!! Basic Rules: 1. No Trading Players. 2. No using shops (Only items aloud to be bought are ones that are only obtainable from that shop.) 3. The only shop that can be used in the untradeables shop. 4. No looting players killed in the wild. 5. More rules will most likely be added as they are seen in the future. Thanks everyone for looking at my post and supporting me, have a gainful day! Made a fresh new account to start the adventure on. First thing i did was drop everything. Started some Agility and bought full Graceful went i had enough Marks of Grace. Went off and grabbed a slayer helm before i got my first task. Loot from first three tasks. Task #1 17 Ghosts Task #2 23 Giant Bats Task #3 30 Cockatrice Please leave any suggestions down below, would love to see what you guys think and what i should do with some rules and items. More progress tomorrow night! --- 12/28/17