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Found 10 results

  1. Eggheads RETURNS!!!!

    Yes We have returned!!! The O.G clan that used to work together as a team and supported our members! We are a professional group of people that take care of one another and stick by each others side. We take pride in being eggheads and rock the EH motto till we die! If you join this clan and take pride in being an eggheads member and give it your all you can expect the following! -Friendships - special Bonds - KEYS -Blood money - FAME - AND MUCH MORE! FOUNDERS - Tony,Throne
  2. Fight 1 - 4:22 Fight 2 - 10:52
  3. EXPOSED is back boys

    Hey applicants! Exposed is back, if you want to apply do it in the comments. Here is the format we want: Name: Age: IGN: Past Clans: Do you have ags or claws? which one?: Time Zone: How Long Have You Been Pking for?: Where You In Exposed Previously?: Gear YOU NEED for multi: Inventory: https://gyazo.com/f80fd8442f740d2e7225b1a1a48e6872 Gear: https://gyazo.com/909e731519c45d405352d2183487fa5f Anything You Want To Ask/Say: Clan Chat Leaders l0lpk and friends list. Thanks guys have a nice day!
  4. The Gambino Crime Family

    Information Required Discord is mandatory. Must have some multipking/singlepking background. minimum of 7 days played. Fee is required which is 100k base fee + after more of a interview, please speak to the following captains: Gamergirl230, Ronnie biggs, molchhero, steaklover68 and trumps wall for information in-game. Rules Of La Cosa Nostra are found inside our discord and followed. Everything works up through the hierarchy. The Code of OmertĂ  is followed. Add The Don#5399. The key holders of dawntained
  5. Best multi pking cc in server history;) pm me ingame or msg me on foums Once in cc, feel free to go smack a blackie noob downnnnnn!!
  6. As of the 19. of December 2017 Dawntained is lacking pure clans(Zerk/nh/reg pure). I want to create a revolutionary pureclan with TWO other cofounders, this will be lucrative for you in the long run. What I'm looking for now is someone who's seasoned in both Dawntained on a general platform and in either NH & REG PURE or ZERK & NH. My definition of seasoned is a player who has played this server long enough to be able to carry on information, flawless. I'm looking for someone who has atleast Super Donator rank.and big enough bank to stand their own ground. It'll be helpfull for us both if you have atleast 1k kills with a higher KDR than 2.0 😊 If you feel like you've what it takes to start this revolutionary clan with me, leave a reply or message me on forums//ingame. Sincerely Askeladden.
  7. #10 #10 #10 Why join? - Single pking - Free to join Rules: Listen to higher ranks Have Discord with mic Don't be a normie Dont fuck with other clan members European timezone only You can flame other people (only) if you have a good reason 50K+ Bank Chill to talk with Must be good nher Leaders: alpha101011 Mercyboy Members: Application - Copy and answer the question / quote IGN: Timezone: Do you have discord and mic: How much is your bank: Do you have any experience in pking and in clans: Are you fine by listening to other members and dont take own desicions: Why do you want to join: Have you been involved in ddos earlier? Do you have a recording software or able recording with OBS with 720p or higher: We will reply to your application in 24 hours after it's been posted here
  8. The Next Generation PK "An international collaboration of similar minds seeking to improve and succeed in the Dawntained experience." TNG is a seasoned RSPS clan that is relatively new to Dawntained. We seek to be the top clan of Dawntained, in both the PVP and PVM although we are a PVP dominant clan. Maintaining a high quality group of members is one of our top priorities. We stay in constant communication through our Discord server where we plan, socialize, and discuss any topics we wish. We will host different types of events ranging from boss masses, pk trips, clan competitions, clan wars, and different types of giveaways. Our clan is always growing and looking for new exciting ways to play the game. To maintain a cordial, pleasant atmosphere in TNG, we ask each clan member to abide by the rules below. We aim for an enjoyable experience for all of our members as a whole. Any disarray may result in permanent/temporary removal from the clan at the leaders' discretion. - Follow all of Dawntained’s rules. http://dawntained.com/forums/topic/246-official-server-rules/ - No flaming, disrespect, or inappropriate content - No spamming - No advertising - No misleading links, hacks, or threats - Do not ask for promotions - Do not apply or join another clan without first resigning from TNG - Do not beg clan mates for in-game currency or items - When loaning items to another clan member make sure to record it in the loan text channel. - Do not invite a non-clan member to our discord without approval by a Lieutenant+ Remember: Be honest with your clan mates, this helps us grow strong and healthy. Have fun! After all, this is only a game, enjoy yourself! In order to join TNG, you must meet a few simple requirements: - You must be able to speak/type fluent English. We are an English dominant speaking clan, and this is important to be able to communicate with the rest of the clan. - You must join our Discord channel. This also helps with being able to communicate with the clan. - You must have at least 24 hours playtime in Dawntained. - You must be able to get along with others and contribute to happiness within the clan. After meeting these requirements, we ask that you fill out the application below and then post it as a reply to this forum thread. You application will be reviewed shortly after being posted and a leader will post a reply stating that your application has either been approved or denied along with the reasons why. Upon approval please contact your recruiter or another high rank to receive the clan chat name to join. If your application is denied, do not be discouraged and feel free to apply again within a few days or after meeting our requirements. Username: Recruiter: Playtime: Pk statistics: (screenshot) Do you have Discord/ are you willing to get it: Tell us a little bit about yourself: What are your reasons to wanting to join and how will you be able to contribute to TNG?: Upon joining you will receive the rank of Recruit. Promotions are discussed between Lieutenants, Captains, and Generals and may be given at any time. Qualities we look for to be eligible for promotion(s): 1. Loyalty 2. Trust 3. Experience in both RSPS's and Dawntained 4. Shows leadership, kindness, and is helpful to other 5. Attends clan/server events and clan meetings 6. Follows all of Dawntained's and our clan rules. List of the clan members as well as their ranks and duties: Generals Cae *Duties include: Whatever needs to be done to make sure the clan stays happy and operational. Captains - *Duties include: recruitment, reviewing applications, and also approving/denying them, hosting/creating events, discussing promotions/demotions, can kick disruptive/unwanted players from the cc. Lieutenants 9gag *Duties include: recruitment, hosting/creating events, discussing promotions/demotions, keeping peace within the cc, helpful and other members in the clan Sergeants Jedzio *Duties include: Recruitment, being helpful with other members in the clan chat, help promote events and come up with new ideas Corporals Yuno Gasai Shrimps App Store Wiggzy *Duties include: Recruitment, getting along with everyone and promoting the clan Recruits - *Duties include: Recruitment, helping all other clan mates and being kind to them For any questions please contact Cae or another one of our high ranking members!
  9. Reckless

    Clan Application spect yes yes no yes
  10. #TRILOGY Current In-game Name: Previous names/Alt accs: Timezone: About yourself: Do you plan on joining Trilogy? List all people you know in Trilogy and how long you've known them: Why should we give you a chance, what do you have to offer?: As apart of this community, you are expected to maintain a certain level of activity. Are you able maintain activity? Anything else you'd like us to know? Ingame KDR: