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Found 2 results

  1. Im part of #gambinos now, so focusing on max main pking and vidding but here is 1 more pure nh bid!
  2. Since the staff and community has been really kind, I decided to upload what I did record in a way to promote the server on youtube and to my friends. For the most part, the community has been the best I've seen in rsps thus far, and even though my friends are mostly on Runewild, I'll make more content for you guys if y'all want it and contribute to your server (check vid desc). My semester starts in two days and I wont be playing much; I'll give away the items I've pked to new players when I log on next and rebuild from new. Thanks guys, y'all got a good server going and it seems for once that there is a dev team actually trying to make the server better on a daily/weekly basis. Little suggestion however: when I go through the dawntained media section.. approx half of the shit I see is negative content and people trying to belittle one another. The way I see it, we are all a bunch of nerds playing a reiteration of an almost 20 year old game written in JS.. We're all in this together guys. Since we all spend (a lot of) time sitting in front of our computers playing this instead of doing, really, anything else; we might as well behave like adults and contribute to making a memorable community. We're only young once and we might as well give the gaming community a good name, or at least do our best and try to. I prefer to be proud of my, unfortunately scarce, playtime on Runescape instead wasting my energy and getting in the habit of developing massive anger like we all know these shitposters do behind the scenes. If this server reaches the levels of toxicity of, for example locopk, that's all the incentive I need to not play this server and make all content unlisted, just like I did with locopk. For developers, admins, and server support: I hope limiting the aimless hate on your server and forums especially becomes a consideration as the server grows. I want to always be proud of my playtime on Dawntained (and any rsps I play in general). But thus far, I think y'all have done a fine job with Dawntained. Thanks guys and stay classy Dawntained ! -Nautilus aka Naut