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  1. When is it?

    3hours ago, i believe!!
  2. Dawntained Revival

    when we will see 400 players again? @MGT Madness
  3. Some nice rng again

    you feel proud now, ik this feeling
  4. Hi again

  5. Dawntained Revival

    u didnt mention that you are pixels for osgp money, idk why ppl just pay 07 to get unban in private server, also you didnt mention that u just empty accounts with items to remove some items from the eco! ur just a guy who pay2win
  6. New FORTNITE video!! 15 kill solo win

    Well ive start playing Fornite a year ago from today, But i'm i rarely play now !
  7. Finally did it.

    to late but gz anyway

    not bad
  9. Giovanig introduction

    Enjoy the game !
  10. Finishing all pets

    @I Solo http://prntscr.com/i1e2xo Goodluck i think.! you have to update ur thread mate
  11. Last update

    You can mention Mgt and Owain @MGT Madness @Owain
  12. How developers are you! Kings!!! <3
  13. vet'ion guide

    Nice guide!
  14. Mexico 4 Mod

  15. Placeholder option

  16. I'm Jmich96

  17. Dawntanied pking vid !!!!!!

    NICEE FAM keep it upp
  18. Starter Guide

    Helpful guide fam@@
  19. Hybrid Tournament Win

    Gz ;p
  20. Gambino Vs Multi CC

    wtf cleared af
  21. Dragon Platebody

    i think it will be soon once they pack the cache!
  22. 12th of Jan, 8.5m giveaway!

    Im cleaned, can i win ?
  23. Verji Meets Renegade Ft Leader 3-0

  24. Verji Meets Renegade Ft Leader 3-0

    #4-0? LOL
  25. Selling Rune Bars

    I need to know, i dont want to buy