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  1. wildy slayer ep.1

    you would be correct l0l
  2. yo boys ep#2 is here with a ags give away too!! show some love nubs
  3. wildy slayer ep.1

    something abit different boys... any advise will be taken happily show some love and well get some give aways going, thanks noobs
  4. yo boys just a few more clips from today show some love for some giveaways to come!
  5. couple clips from tonight

    ty man ive managed to get the full Camtasia for free some how lol
  6. couple clips from tonight

    thank you man! im still learning so hopefully clips will get better
  7. just a few clips from tonight ( not claiming to be good btw ) p.s could someone tell me a free recorder/editor without water mark enjoy!