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  1. I'm back - SIKE

    I don’t like sucking dick
  2. Road to all pets

    This is pretty sick. Could you not put down some of the KCs if you know them?
  3. Hi

    Thanks mate. Been around about a year or so just never really been active on forums.
  4. Adding ornate gmaul handle to BM shop.

    Can you explain what trading post is please?
  5. Hi

    Thanks boys. Neg please let me kill Skotizo just once baby
  6. Adding ornate gmaul handle to BM shop.

    Keep it in BH shop it’s good that u just don’t get smacked with Gmaul then Emaul for all your HP as a pure anymore. BH rewards are good and it’s actually not that hard to get the tiers on an emblem. Points would be a lot easier even if the player count increased by 25%
  7. Hi

    Hi dropped son finally joined forums. U may know me u may not someone took Dropped Son on forums say hi if you see me about. Or let’s zerk fight