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  1. pogchamp

    May I remind you that of those 82 online players, there were only 6 in the wilderness? May I remind you that, 90% of the players have alts they play on? May I remind you that, probably half of the players are afk? So it may say there are 82 online, while in fact there is maybe 10-20 really playing. Anyway I hope you get a decent playerbase back, but with these people in charge, I highly doubt it.
  2. After my last post, they moved it to a closed section. Quick info: I tried to recover my account for over a month now with 0 replies. Eventhough I send numerous appeals, and made numerous forum threads. After 1 month of filing these appeals, here is what the owner has to say: MGT Madness 344 2,330 posts Joined March 2017 Report post Posted 4 minutes ago Please follow the instructions here to solve your problem https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/40-submit-a-problem/ Will check again tmrw Submitted probably 5 appeals, and this is what I get for an answer: FILE ANOTHER ONE! How can a server owner be so unprofessional? Replying like a 12 year old thats texting his/her friend. Almost feels like I'm in Punk'd. Anyway, this is just more info for people that consider playing.

    And the funny part is, they won't even admit it. When asking staff about why the server went dead, they will respond with "the lack of advertisement". They're saying that 400 people quitted Dawntained almost overnight, because of the lack of advertisement? What a joke.
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with this server to everyone that is thinking about joining. I used to play a lot, and donated a few $100. After a few years I reached Uber donator rank. As of last year (2018) I quitted because of other activities going on in my life. A few weeks back I had the time to check dawntained out again, unfortunately, my account got hacked. Now here comes the weird part; I send numerous appeals etc. but none of them got answered. Suddenly, after I first mentioned my account, someone is playing on it. This is a hard indication that members of the staff are hacking these accounts for their own benefits. (Because these appeals can only be seen by staff). Now many of you may know that a lot of staff members got banned in the past. So corruption lies deep in this server. Mass-bans for no reason so people need to pay $ or 07 to recieve their accounts back. Staff members RWT'ing and many more. After numerous appeals, they still haven't answered. (It has been over a month). The lack of costumer service is unlike anything you've ever seen. This server went from 400 active, to 20 active, in a short amount of time. Hacking accounts, banning & then claiming $, and many many many more.. DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER. There are many other private servers out there that are legit. I highly suggest people to join one of those, as long as it is not this corrupt server.
  5. Wow..

    Ouch.. This is quite shocking.. R.I.P. Dawntained?