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  1. Instances

    Hello, I know I'm kind of new to the server but I noticed that some people camp the safe bosses with multiple accounts for most part of the day. All equiped with max range & tbow. This makes it nearly impossible for us to have a chance of killing these bosses. Therefor I would like to suggest that more bosses get the option of a private room just like Vorkath, Zulrah or Kraken.The option of paying for your own private boss room, would make the game much more appealing in my opinion. I know there are some downsides to this, like increasing the number of items that come into the game. Thats why one of the things I thought about is 'limited entry'. A limit as to how many times a day you may enter the private area. This is only one example of many on how to make this eco-friendly. I'm not sure if this is viable in any way or if other people would like to see this aswell, but I just thought to throw it out there. Let me know what you think
  2. Road to all pets

    #Gains, goodluck on the last few!
  3. What a tremendous effort by everyone who worked on this! Job well done!