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  1. OSRS - 16 200m+

    Dope vid
  2. Buying stuff

    Looking to spend some money on bulk torts, furys, tents, barrows items, etc. Tell me what you have or show me in game. Also looking to buy - herbs - purple phat - 3a melee - 3a mage - full ancestral
  3. 550k for red phat 700ea for vote tickets pm in game or comment here
  4. Corp solo guide

    Nice! I usually do this when I solo corp myself.
  5. Buying clue items

    Looking to buy all clue items. Mostly cheaper stuff but will consider anything. Comment here or pm me in-game.
  6. Clue tab

    +1 I think it would be cool. Instead of bosses dropping clues, they drop caskets.
  7. It's Ya Boi Varsity

    Welcome back! I see you around ::skills sometimes.
  8. Buying any color phat

  9. phats sale

    Whats price for green phat?
  10. Selling Donator Tokens

    151 Donator Tokens for 700k - pm me in game or comment here /CLOSE.
  11. Buying any color phat

    Read the title. Comment color and price or pm me in-game [PSA].
  12. Some nice rng again

    Wow you have some nice rng lol
  13. pk video its ok

    Awesome vid. I like dam switches!
  14. Does anyone collect cards?

    Does anyone here collect any type or cards? I myself collect all sports cards along with some Pokemon. As you can tell by my name (if you collect) I like to get my cards graded.