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  1. selling vls

    9m cash pm ingame vrosphas/brosphas
  2. 3rd Age Drudic Robe Tops

    my name is robinhawt pm me
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  4. Hey there

    post count boosting FREAK
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  6. DT Quality of Life - Share your thoughts

    ancient spells at the moment cancel your hits if you get barraged, fix imbued heart should be lost on death or atleast pay a fee to get it back its too op increase bm/hr from bosses/revs deep wildy to make it more active(atleast 2x what it currently is imo) let skotizo drop bigger rewards like a tbow but very rare just to lure more people into doing the event if you can fix so that barrage to ags doesnt stack so easily, its broken(any decent brid will tell you its not fun to brid on dt because of it) imo lower infernal cape to 500 kills and brid kills to 125 or possibly lower, not many brids to fight making it extremely hard to get the imbued cape get rid of the doubler you have already lost too many players because of it, it may help the eco but its crippling your playerbase void should also be lost on death, very high bonuses with 0 risk ? Make it so you can not preload a hybrid request, at the moment when it pops up that hybrids are requesting a fight there is never one actually there because the pressed it 10+mins ago
  7. Ancestral Set Giveaway

    - Vote for server yes -leave your IGN vrosphas -leave your discord mex#1622
  8. Blue Phat Giveaway!