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  1. new pk vid up lads!

    thanks brodie:)
  2. new pk vid up lads!

    thanks brother more to come!
  3. new pk vid up lads!

    thanks brother much love
  4. Graphics Shop

    looks sick as hell!
  5. anytime brother I like seeing this game grow n grow ea day ! helpin ea other makes a great game ! much love
  6. somethang for yall

    what client im lost
  7. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    thanks lowk!
  8. yeah bro that's why I re updated it didn't know there was helpin cc till now i'd rather be in that one n help players out!
  9. I feel u man but im doing it out of my part ppl are so toxic through yell bro its unreal just tryna help out ya know!tryna make them have a good time on dt tryna give them the best help possible man but yea I feel u!
  10. this cc so I can help players through chat! with what ever they need/pricecheck/guide/vote/donations!/ u name it what ever you need if I can help u I will ! positive vibes only on cc will be open for anyone/new players /old players that just got bac how ever u need help pm me @l e a n or join dawntained cc ! for daily help thanks guys for taking your time much love ~#westy
  11. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    mex no prob bro I appreciate the support! Ill always be around to help weather if its with any little thing! much love~#westy thx much love to all you guys! anytime brother u need anything u can hit me up in game much love to everyone that's been kind to me since I started is what makes this rsps great! 2019 baby one of the biggest out there! anytime ! im glad 2 do what I do!
  12. fix this shit

    sheeeesh ! whats going on !
  13. somethang for yall

    thanks brother really appreciate it man! salute ~love #westy
  14. phats sale

    Sheeeesh nice Brodie!
  15. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    2019 we got this baby we gonna be the biggest server out there! ::vote Daily guys remember Love~#Westy
  16. ags and elder maul at low offers???

    I agree with you coto,hat it does take time to obtain these items if your new 300k seems unfair for new comers!
  17. Hey there

    Thanks man for everything u been doing on DT Appreciate it helping others get started we need more ppl like this keep it up love #westy
  18. somethang for yall

    Sheeesh my 1st pk vid quad was ew
  19. Pm Me @L e a n /w e s t side helping everyone feel free to pm me lads~ love #westy
  20. 492 xp drop with dh ???

    Sheeesh max I seen is 85.
  21. Pk Video 6!

    that's some hardcore stuff right there my guy! keep it up massive kills n all love the editing <3 keep it up much love n respect from #w e s t side!
  22. Sign up to join the staff team!

    thank you so much <3
  23. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name:W e s t side/L e a n Country you live in:united states Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference):im on everyday around 6pm-4amish most of the time Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot:316hrs How many hours can you put in per week?:41hrs Why do you think you should be promoted?: I think I should be promoted because I like helping other players out in game to get started and have a good time on dawntained that's what is all about having fun/also most of the hrs im on some staffs aren't on my time so I enjoy helping others with or with out staff ! thank you guys for taking your time to read this god bless everyone! love #w e s t side/l e a n Past experiences as staff?:nope never been
  24. T2b_Limitles Dawntained pure pk vid 1.

    aye good stuff my brother keep it up nice clips my man
  25. new pk vid up!

    thank you so much man you've helped so much cant be more thankful my guy! @Ameer69
  26. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    much love to all the staffs been keeping it 100 ever since i started this server shout out to you guys ! @staffs good work guys keep it up #love westy
  27. PK Vid #1

    good stuff brother!
  28. Pk video #2 Yt rank?

  29. new pk vid up!

    thanks brother <3