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  1. Spawn Pet

    WOW very nice gz mate
  2. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    LOL did it a few minutes ago
  3. Finally back

    Thank you man Naahhh i ban you now gg <33
  4. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Thank you, Yeah i wish we had the old playerbase on 400 + would be dope
  5. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    I am back and sad to see so many players go but hopefully we get it back
  6. server dieng because people are limited?

    The stake limit is very bad i agree +1
  7. Finally back

    Thank you man ty pal my brother :!!! thanks my Swedish brother <33
  8. Bug fixes + Development blog! 09-04-2019

    Very nice that the owner care so much about the server +1 @MGT Madness keep it up
  9. Finally back

    Hello guys, i have not been Active for a while but now i am finally back on the server, maybe a few here still remember me and the rest dont but atleast i hope i see you all ingame Back again baby
  10. Time to say hello

    Welcome to the forums mate