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  1. somethang for yall

    Welcome, i can see u get really big. Keep going.
  2. [YT] New Series: ChallengeTained #1

    Nice vid dude!!! Challenge: Gamble your whole bank! If u win Do BIG DROP PARTY!!!
  3. w e s t side cc

    Hes a rapper. Song: MGT The Unfair RWT bans ft. PROXY
  4. clue scroll item sale

    I am a big fan of cosmetics i hit u up with a pm
  5. I am married and got a daughter

    Sorry my child Charlie he is going insane sometimes. Just hit me with a PM i gotchu man.
  6. I hope u guys like these Series if this blows up i will ofcourse make more Video's. So be sure to like and share this trash. @Pker savageChallenge: 0:29 - @Toofr3sh123 Challenge: 1:46 - @Hat Challenge 2:35 - Thanks to those people who posted their Challenges under my thread. Do you also wanna give me one Challenge? Be sure to suggest it here at:
  7. So i took a 1-2 weeks break and i am back again at dawntained and the uploads. I need Challanges for my new Series So feel free to give me some Down Below If i dont complete them i have to give you a reward ingame. (Bullshit or impossible shit not allowed ) And if u already didn't know me my name is: 01357 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXruFILoNt1ehnvySPC2DMg?view_as=subscriber Psst: U can always Donate me ingame for Motivation or better content
  8. Who needs $70 anyway? Pfft.

    Ye bro this sounds stupid but MGT was logged in on an alt when u started to put that into doubler. And he type The command ::Rig (Ign) Thats why u lost bro fucking MGT. Jk dont ban me plz
  9. what is ur job ?

    Scamming someone for 5.5m and then loan him later an ely since he got cleaned and then getting ditched.
  10. Time to say hello

    MGT: Who are you? Bank Much: Bank much. Dawntained Chat: Bank Much has unlocked Helper Rank.
  11. Big Drop party Event!!! 19-4-2019

    Thanks for all the donations so far!!! at 2m? (Ely) atm Video is being worked on so be pantient please. And for the people that still asking yes i refunded the 5.5m of wonx
  12. Hello guys!!! I am gonna host a big Drop party event from 0 Blood money to ... Blood money. So this is how it works, I will be playing 2 weeks (No life) and try to get as much as possible Blood Money and then at 19-4-2019 i will be Hosting a big Drop Party for all the players on Dawntained. (Everything will be Recorded Ofcourse) ( Be sure to share this with all your friends that ever played on dawntained this gonna be amazing!!! ) Are Players able to help you? Yes you are able to help but in order to donate me blood money u have to give me a challange that you come up with yourself, if i do not complete it i cannot keep the money. (MIN 10k Blood money) Reason why i do this: So as you Probably heard i recently ran away with someones 5.5m his ign was Wonx, He was a good friend of mine and i was just mad because i am always nice to everyone and i always try to help everyone out. So last night that day i loaned someone money and he said he will pay me it till sunday ( Ignored me and trolled me) I was so mad that i just started to rage stake and then lost it all. And i was so tired of being a nice guy that i just stole wonx his money that he trusted me with, I legit felt like shit for 2 days and i pmed MLH & Frederick and they teleported wonx and me and we talked it out and its all good now <3. We are mates again and he will be hosting this drop party event with me He also already added 500k to the Drop Party pot so please Pm Wonx and show him some love hes nicest guy ive met. (Sorry if your guys are dissapointed i 100% agree with you) Drop Party Countdown Timer: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1100479/dawntained-drop-party-event Credits: MLH,Wonx,Frederik
  13. Well hello there

    Never knew i would see you here LMAO The OG v8 bugatti. Welcome
  14. r0bin

    @P R 0 X YBro ur alive? plz dont tell me ur not dead bro. answer
  15. At 1:36 i said staff team saw their problems that was wrong, Because the staff team conviced the owner to work on the server and now there are 4 dev working on the server fulltime now. (So please dont blame the staff now i just wrote some shit and i was to lazy to ask them first.) When is started to make video's on dawntained. My goal was to bring the old player count back and i really hope i can achieve that goal someday. But i could never do that without. the whole Staff Team, Players in game and all the likes/Comments on the forums. Once again this really motivates me to keep going even when i wanna give up. Thank u guys (01357)
  16. Yellow Skull

    i also agreed with hatorade and danielstatis. That 01357 is such a retard for real we just need to ban him. And his vids also suck lmao.
  17. Yellow Skull

    No support, reason is because in osrs Rune set is 100k. I just want corrupted dragon back in f2p would be better but sorry not a support for me bro maybe next time.
  18. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    Is this ment to be a pk server or pvm? Because i am pretty sure Pvm is more dead then pk it self and u only got around 20-30 people in edge wildy max.
  19. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    Go kill revenants man whats wrong with you i'll give you 20k joined '''February 6, 2018'' still struggling for 2k
  20. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    You're telling me you can easily buy a magic short bow (i) in osrs? You'll lose it in real osrs, you're argument is invalid. The owner wants to make the wilderniss more active and noob friendly. Second of all if you want to play osrs go play osrs, this is a private server there are enough items in game you can buy with blood money. Why are you making a big deal about a d2h and a dragon sword when dragon scim and hally d baxe are free I really hope you're trolling
  21. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    what are you talking about bro get out of my thread
  22. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    Please make Dragon 2h sword free, people can already use dragon halberd which is as strong as d2h. Same goes for Dragon sword, dragon scimitar is better. It would make the wilderniss a bit more fun. And if you disagree please make d scimmy and d hally blood money worth. But i'd rather it to be free. tbh. Not everyone can afford risking that much blood money especially beginners derp You said you wanted more players right, so make it more noob friendly magic shortbow i is free to. so everyone would just magic shortbow i instead of d scim So make it free l0l by the way you can also use dragon battleaxe just make d2h and d sword free
  23. Salam Habibi Give me owner I fix server habibi Must trust. ign: 01357
  24. Sorry for uploading so many times and posting so many times on the forums, i am just motivated for some reason to upload videos for Dawntained. Anyways Thanks for the lately support, Really made me happy and also thanks to the people who lended me (dclaws,dh sets) To pk with. <3
  25. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    100k blood money a Raw Shark and a DH Set + Your in my next video.
  26. I be back with troll vids soon. So stay tuned thanks for watching, And thanks for all the lately support <3