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  1. Jules

    If anyone wants to keep in contact with me aka Jules my discord is " Jules#4247" Currently on Vigoruous =)
  2. Help the Poor

    Biggest waste of time lol thanks anyways whoever thought it was a decent idea. Fairwell dawntained...
  3. Help the Poor

    what even? what's the disadvantage? just having an option to mute him because some people are more tempted than others? And other people will just say GZ? or something stupid? i'd rather that and be curious instead of seeing the insane things people gamble.. All im saying is there isn't a problem in adding an OPTION to the game.. some people are just convinced easier when seeing others win around them is all Im saying. Wouldn't kill someone to add an option to the game to at least mute him or put it out of the chats and just people around can see it? .-.
  4. Help the Poor

    Well sometimes you wanna gamble not like when you see someone win x50 ags's when its more tempting then because all you see through the hours and days/weeks people winning bank so they get tempted to chance their items and what not instead of when they want to on their own.. shouldn't have to ban urself to just shut the gambler up, which im sure you'd still see it and want to but can't now bc you banned yourself. I just can not stand watching the gambler show the winnings x50 elder mauls, then its x24 phats, sometimes its all on the exact same day lol so even more tempting imo. Its not horrible to just add an option for players who want to mute it. MUTE IT and who could care less leave it alone?
  5. Help the Poor

    I know gambling is at your own risk all I was saying is when people who donated see people doing x50 ags's or hella Blood money they go and risk it so im just suggesting we get an option to mute the gambler so we aren't tempted to gamble and gamble at our own risk instead of watching people win x10 times over 1m+ each time its really addictive and tempting to chuck it all.
  6. Help the Poor

    First and foremost, I believe we need better boss's or just better drops from the boss'. I've notice the only way to get rich is from donating, people giving away crap, or the gambler. we need a new way for the "new" players or even players that are on here committed into making bank. But staying a bandos for 4 hours to get a 20k drop is worthless imo. We need some type of new boss's or slayer task to get bank.. not even 100k+ but at least like 50k... Its outrageous watching the past week or 2 kids donating, gambling it and make x10 their bank, but others do it and get cleaned. I think people gamble so much because of the yell when someone does like x50 elder mauls or x100 ags's people want to get that so they go and try and get cleaned. All im saying is mute the gambler (or make an option for players), Add some better PVM drops that are worth it and some that aren't in multi wilderness maybe just singles but multi so u can get 10 people with 10m+ banks risking 500k because they can and just have their clan members there 24/7 camping while the poor sit and are FORCED to go and "pk" for 5k bm... or go and pvm some "bosses" so they can earn 20k drops? or even like 10k drops lol.. I've tried countless of ways to make good money but nothing beats donating or gambling and risking it all.
  7. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    Every firday it should be posted