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  1. still perm muted

    It's 15m not 10m.
  2. The pk Tab

  3. Allow these items to be noted

  4. Staff Improvements / suggestions

    Oh, my bad lol. I meant, I support your suggestions for supports, but not for moderators.
  5. Update Issues

    -Wrath runes don't go in pouch -Fire surge is very weak. Tested it out on max hit dummy @ ::dz in max mage gear (ancestral, arcane, etc).
  6. I cant login:/

    Yep, me too.
  7. Hardest skills to train?

    Runecrafting EASILY
  8. No, it's not. I keep getting a "Failed to connect"
  9. What about inferno? 2fa? Email Recovery? Etc? Thank you for the updates!
  10. Ways to revive the server

    Honestly, I think there are many factors to the recent decline in the player base. From what i've been constantly hearing, it's because of the lack of updates.