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  1. Coming back

    Welcome back!
  2. Killing Corp using only recoil

    Damn, that's a nice achievement! Good work!
  3. sanguinesti staff

  4. 200iq suggestion

    More money will be going into advertising when the updates are done, first we want to be sure that dawntained is better than the other servers out there and then the money goes into advertising, 200iq stuff. Good suggestion tho, would love to see wildy being more active.
  5. Dharok pking from an absolute noob

    good work mate!🙃 Gz on 200 sets aswell!
  6. First PK Video for the server.

    Nice vid & juicy shutdown Keep them vids comin!
  7. Loot from all revenant pets

    Saku Originaal or A. Le Coq Premium????
  8. Loot from all revenant pets

    Around 400k loot was lost
  9. Dawntained content update nearly here!

    Good stuff, cant wait to see all the big things you guys have worked on!
  10. Staff Application.

    Post your staff application over there: And please provide screenshots of your gameplay time & old.
  11. Back

    Welcome back!
  12. Road to all pets

    Update! 4 new pets, at 30 total now!!!
  13. Corp solo guide

    Nice guide! Thanks for this
  14. Clue tab

    That's actually a cool idea, would love to see clue caskets as a drop from monsters/bosses. +1
  15. Road to all pets

    Update! 2 new pets:
  16. It's Ya Boi Varsity

    Welcome back James! Glad to see people coming back
  17. Staff Feedback May, 2019

    In your screenshot you're asking him questions thru dawntained cc, I'm pretty sure he's not in that cc, maybe try pming him next time.
  18. pk video its ok

    Nice vid & streak lul!
  19. Woah, really nice updates & hyped for the coming ones! Keeep it up guys!
  20. Road to all pets

    Update! 4 new bad boys comin in
  21. Weekly Update, small changes 08-06-2019

    good work guys! Keep it up.
  22. Road to all pets

    So this will be my progress thread which I'm going to keep updated. My goal is to recieve all pets in-game without using Pet Mystery Boxes. Skilling pets Beaver (woodcutting) - Completed Rocky (theiving) - Completed Rock Golem (mining) - Completed Phoenix (firemaking) - Completed Heron (fishing) - Completed Herbi (herblore) Completed Tangleroot (farming) - Completed Rift Guardian (runecrafting) - Completed Giant Squirrel (agility) - Completed Golden Chinchopa (hunter) - NOT RELEASED PvM Pets Vorki - N/A Pet Snakeling - Completed Hellpuppy - Completed Pet Dark Core - N/A Baby Mole - N/A Kalphite Princess - N/A Demonic Gorilla - Completed Spawn Pet - Completed Scorpia's Offspring - N/A Giant Rat Pet - Completed Pet Kraken - Completed Pet White Chaos Elemental - Completed Vet'ion jr - N/A Tormented Demon Pet - Completed Callisto Cub - N/A Ice Strykewyrm - Completed Pet Chaos Elemental - Completed Venenatis Spiderling - Completed Prince Black Dragon - Completed Supreme - Completed Prime - Completed Rex - Completed Pet K'ril tsutsaroth - Completed Pet Zilyana - Completed Pet General Graador - Completed Pet Kree'arra - Completed Revenant Knight - N/A Revenant Demon - N/A Revenant Dragon - N/A Other Pets Bloodhound - Completed Tzrek Jad - Completed Dharok Pet - N/A Karil's Pet - N/A 42 pets in total - 30 completed Screenshots

    Welcome back!
  24. Dawntained - #1 RSPS - I Pk Max Jr

    Nice vid mate, that's some nice editing aswell!
  25. Giveaway!

    IGN: Powerofnegs i should win cause imma end up chucking doubler anyways and it iz veri good for dt eco.
  26. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work! Also is HP Event going to be released or what :O? SELLING BULK ELYS 10K EA
  27. Suggest to us ideas similair to Blood key & Skotizo

    This might sound stupid but anyways, wilderness clue event, basically a team picks up the clue and they have to complete the task they get before they leave wilderness, would be nice and long event for clans imo. Tasks could be like dig at a certain spot @ agility arena or whatever, you can come up with task ideas I'm sure. The task would be broadcasted on chat and they can't leave wilderness when they have a clue on them, it must be completed before being available to escape. This event would be focused towards cc's since I think it's nearly impossible to complete this alone.