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  1. Me alone for Blood Key - gg Josh

  2. Good RNG @ Ice Strykewyrms

    Pretty nice luck you have over there, good job!
  3. Road to all pets

    6 New pets comin in!
  4. Thanks for the update and good work!
  5. Behind the Scenes

    Good stuff! Thanks for giving us some info and can't wait for those new updates! Keep the grind up!
  6. Where ( read )

    Yeah gotta agree with the deadline thing, if can't stick to them don't add them. But about 1b osrs tounrys, I'm sure noones want's to give that kind of money away but if u take it as a invesment you'll get more money in return so sounds like a reasonable thing to do.
  7. Where ( read )

    As far as I know, MGT is away til 8th of august hence why update has been delayed. But I understand your point of view, promises should be kept and something we should work on. Right now we're not even expecting improvement in playerbase, updates are the main thing being focused on to make the game better. Once the updates are done and Dawntained offers way better gameplay than any other server out there, then it's time for advertising & OSRS GP rewards for tournaments, once this happens then you should expect a huge increase in playerbase. For example if we'd start advertising right away then new players who join might leave (cause server isn't finished yet) and it'll be a lot harder to get them back once it is finished. I'm sure that's why MGT has put advertising on hold at this moment. I'm sure we all want that once the new players join that the server offers them awesome new content, rewards and none of them leaves. Good news is that everything will be done and ready soon. Until then we just need to have patience and trust them.
  8. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    Good luck on the grind ;)!
  9. Danieltatis - A new Clan

    Nice to see new clans Goodluck!
  10. 240$ Giveaway winners!

    gz to all winners!!!
  11. Wilderness Slayer Diaries Epidodes 1&2

    Love your vids, enjoyed watching this!
  12. Etherium brace

    If you pray melee & wear charged bracelet none of the revs are able to dmg you, bracelet only protects u from the magic dmg and demons & knights hit with melee.
  13. 240$ Giveaway to 6 winners.

    Good luck everyone!
  14. Quick & Easy Corp Solos

    Very good & detailed guide, good job!
  15. This was a nice read, really impressive work, I’m so glad to see so many improvements and new content! Well done guys, well done!
  16. Coming back

    Welcome back!
  17. Killing Corp using only recoil

    Damn, that's a nice achievement! Good work!
  18. sanguinesti staff

  19. 200iq suggestion

    More money will be going into advertising when the updates are done, first we want to be sure that dawntained is better than the other servers out there and then the money goes into advertising, 200iq stuff. Good suggestion tho, would love to see wildy being more active.
  20. Moneytalks, some kills of last weeks

    veri nice!
  21. Dharok pking from an absolute noob

    good work mate!🙃 Gz on 200 sets aswell!
  22. First PK Video for the server.

    Nice vid & juicy shutdown Keep them vids comin!
  23. Loot from all revenant pets

    Saku Originaal or A. Le Coq Premium????
  24. Loot from all revenant pets

    Around 400k loot was lost
  25. Dawntained content update nearly here!

    Good stuff, cant wait to see all the big things you guys have worked on!
  26. Staff Application.

    Post your staff application over there: And please provide screenshots of your gameplay time & old.
  27. Back

    Welcome back!
  28. Road to all pets

    Update! 4 new pets, at 30 total now!!!
  29. Corp solo guide

    Nice guide! Thanks for this