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  1. Thanks for the fixes & improvements!
  2. Hey there

    Glad to see people coming back, welcome back!
  3. DT Quality of Life - Share your thoughts

    Would love to see clan (cc) highscores, would brind some nice activity between cc's. Add "Spiked manacles" and "Fremennik Kilt" to store as they are best in slot for pures. Add some kind of wilderness keys/caskets (from easy to elite?) as a reward for killing a player but make them rare. Buff skot & revs drops as said above. Something like well of goodwill but for tournaments, players can add to the prize pool, this attracts more players to join. Buff chests @ rogues castle, feel like there's not enough activity @ 50's, make it rewarding (maybe even better then stall @ dz). I believe this would be another good thing that brings deep wild activity. Make PvP tasks more rewarding(maybe combine it with wildy keys & caskets which I suggested above, every kill on task u have a chance of reciving it). Make skilling & slayer more rewarding in wildy since I think we really need to focus on wilderness activity cause there are always 200+ players online & only 20-30% of them are actually in wildy. Tormented demons / revs and so on require combat 126 to kill(not 100% sure on that :D).
  4. ags and elder maul at low offers???

    Ags and emaul prices seem fine to me, 300k seems way too much. It's not that easy getting 50k as a new player and I'm pretty sure ags & emaul being 50k on street (60k on shops) has no effect on eco. It's a pk server and I would highly dislike the fact that I'd have to grind 10+hrs to get my hands on ags since there are plenty of other high tier items to grind for. Maybe, just maybe emaul rising in price can be justified but ags definitely should stay the same.
  5. Hello Everyone

    welcome back
  6. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Thanks for the bug fixes/improvements, cant wait for the new updates! Keep up the good work guys!
  7. PK Vid #1

    Nice vid and some decent kills!
  8. Buy back untradeables

  9. new pk vid up!

    Another nice vid m8, keep them comin!
  10. some suggestions

    +1 on the trading post and revs but no support for raids, I think focus should be on PvP content atm not PvM.
  11. Bug fixes & Future updates 11-05-2019

    Thanks for the update and good luck on working on the updates guys!
  12. Hi again

    Nice vid mate
  13. Some nice rng again

    Goin strong with the pets, going for kbd and rex pet next. EDIT: so this just happened aswell, great way to end the day.
  14. enjoy

    Nice vid & kills!
  15. Presets command

  16. Vorkath guide

    Nice guide! Thanks
  17. today was a good day

    Lmao it kept happening, Been grinding all those skills before for a long time, but somehow managed to pull out all of them in one day That's all skilling pets completed for me, gonna move on to boss pets now. ( topic 13924 for my other skilling pets)
  18. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    Was kinda dissapointed in episode 3, all this build up for white walkers and the Night King since season 1 just to see them die the first time their armys encounter without finding out anything about them. I mean Arya stabbin the night king was dope but was expecting little bit more, maybe 1v1 duel between snow and the king but nuffffin. Like if the next 3 episodes are only about fighting Cersei then nty, that's a shitty ending imo. The quality of the series has really dropped after it passed the books and George R.R Martin has no say anymore. But maybe episode 4 has a suprise for us idk, hope there's more plot.
  19. neverland edit

    Nice vid bro
  20. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    Powerofnegs, hookloc?
  21. Behind the Scenes - Global Wilderness

    This is the shit guys, once this event is released we'll be back at 500 players! HYPED!!
  22. Yeah, situations like these definitely have a huge impact on the players. I mean we all make mistakes time to time, I personally wouldn't mind if the update delayed for a month or even more, just as long as we could get some kind of information? In order to gain players, players need to have trust in the staff/dev team, nobody wants to play on a shady server(not saying this server is shady or something, just sayin we could improve) which could close at any moment. Everything is fine at this very moment, u guys are doing really good job and workin hard to make those updates happen, just need some improvement on the communication part.
  23. Vote Tickets

    I mean vote tickets technically are sellable to the shop? u can buy 2k bm for 5 tickets which makes tickets 400 ea? With donator rank boost I'd say vote tickets are fine since u can get up to like 15+tickets for one vote, wouldn't mind seeing some new content in the shop so +1 for that.
  24. 1st PK / Gamble Video Doctor Own + 500k Giveaway!

    Nice vid bro🙃
  25. lootermen

    Don't ask me why but decided to loot @ wildy for one hour Best moneymaker ingame, pls subscribe
  26. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    Huge suppport!!
  27. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    What if Arya actually went to fuck The Hound but got cockblocked by beric so she settled for gendry???!???
  28. [Spoilers] Game Of Thrones S8E2 Discussion

    Lmaooo, anyone knows how old should she be in that series?