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  1. Youtube Rank Appeal

    For next time: 'Bandicam' text or any other video recorder watermark is not allowed, download Hypercam2 to fix this.http://www.hyperionics.com/hc2/Or use Camtasia https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/358-recording-tutorial-camtasia/ I'll let it slide this time, nice video! Rank given.
  2. \o

    Welcome Horizon! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  3. Next update?

    If everything goes as planned then update will be released in the last days of october and with that update advertising finally starts!
  4. BH/WildySlay/Task items into BM shop

    There has always been a problem how to get players into the wilderness and same goes for different styles of pking (some type of setups being dead and not used). These new shops actually force people to PvM/Skill/PK with different setups in the wilderness for the best profit ingame (the server is pk based afterall). There are currently more people to kill in wilderness then there was back when we had 150-200 players (at the moment we only have 50 players) and that's all because of the new updates. The very next update introduces the trading post, that will make buying items way more easier and also if server starts getting more active = more items come to the game - means trading post will be full of those items. And if there seems to be shortage of some type of items that are in BH/PvP/Wildy slayer shops it means that the certain items price will go up which also makes it a better moneymaking method. If u ask me it all makes sense and is actually good for the server, the only problem we have right now is low player base and no trading post which creates a huge demand for items and that is the reason those items are hard to buy at the moment. But things are going to change really soon
  5. +1, some good ideas right here!
  6. big hits feed

    damn, some nice hits u got there.
  7. progress

    good job and keep up the grind.
  8. Insane RNG @ Tormented Gorillas

  9. 10 min gfx

    Looks sick bro! Thank you very much!
  10. 10 min gfx

    Damn nice work Gonna pm you on disc about signature.

    We talked about this already, I told you to be patient until MGT handles it. Also I did confront the guy who logged on "your" account and this was his reply: There's nothing I can do at this point since I cant check any of the logs if you're right or he is. Also does this topic have anything to do with you getting smited for your ags this morning and kept bashing the server on yell for a good hour until u got yellmuted?
  12. Re-Introduction

    Welcome back!
  13. I'm back - SIKE

    +1 support give this crackhead web dev!
  14. Wow..

    And also we still reach like 60-70 online at peaktimes.
  15. Hi

  16. Adding ornate gmaul handle to BM shop.

    If the player count stayed the same I'd agree with this, but if emblems we're slighty buffed and server had more players I wouldn't mind having ornate maul handles in the BH shop. Once there are more players and the release of trading post it'll be fairly easy for you to buy one at the trading because there will be so many people doing BH. And we're expecting to gain more players anytime soon so it should stay the way it is, maybe just a buff to BH timer or points from emblems.
  17. My old Dawntained videos

    Welcome back!
  18. Instances

    +1, I like this idea. When server gets more active it can be really annoying to do some bosses since they're always packed.
  19. Road to all pets

    3 New pets!
  20. Ouchie

    Damn, grats on the loot!
  21. Wilderness Slayer Guide

    thanks :oscar3:
  22. Wilderness Slayer Guide

    Wilderness Slayer Guide You can obtain wilderness slayer tasks to buy items only available in the Wilderness slayer rewards shop. For each npc kill on task you'll recieve Wilderness Tokens, those tokens are automatically picked up to your inventory. Talk to Krystilia at Edgeville jail to start. Rewards Every kill on task will cause the dead monster to respawn after a few seconds, so the area does not run out of the monsters. There's also a chance of receiving Larran's key which can be used to unlock the Chest west of Magebank at the abandoned ship. Teleport to Wilderness Agility Course: For each task I'd recommend to use blowpipe. Other recommended items: Ring of wealth (i) - Picks up all blood money drops automatically Slayer helmet (i) What npc's to kill for certain tasks: Spiders - Venenatis & Giant Spider Magic Axes Revenants Green Dragons Ice Giants Ice Warrior Ice Spider Bears - Callisto & Grizzly bear Fire Giant Demon - Greater Demon & Black Demon Hellhounds Scorpions - Scorpia & Scorpions Chaos Druid - Elder Chaos Druid Lava Dragon Wilderness Tokens per kill: Venenatis - 21 Giant Spider - 2 Magic Axes - 3 Revenants 9-15 Green Dragons - 7 Ice Giants - 3 Ice Warrior - 5 Ice Spider - 5 Callisto - 21 Grizzly Bear - 2 Fire Giant - 9 Greater Demon - 7 Black Demon - 13 Hellhounds - 9 Scorpia - 16 Scorpion - 1 Elder Chaos Druid - 12 Lava Dragon - 19 Locations: Venenatis Giant Spider Teleport to ::GDZ and run west Magic Axes Teleport to Scorpia and run west, make sure to bring a lockpick in order to enter the room Revenants ::revcave - enter cave and run south ::revs Green Dragons Ice Giants & Ice Warriors & Ice Spiders Callisto Grizzly Bear Teleport to Graveyard Then run west Fire Giant Teleport to ::MB Go downstairs and enter to the cave right next to the stairs Greater Demons ::GDZ Black Demons ::REVCAVE and run south Hellhounds ::REVCAVE and run south Scorpia & Scorpions Elder Chaos Druids ::ELDERS Lava Dragons I will keep this thread updated.
  23. Me alone for Blood Key - gg Josh

  24. Good RNG @ Ice Strykewyrms

    Pretty nice luck you have over there, good job!
  25. Road to all pets

    6 New pets comin in!
  26. Thanks for the update and good work!