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  1. Community Manager event ideas needed

    I don't have any ideas on events, but I assume you're trying to repopulate the server so I'm going to speak to that: This is a PK server, we all agree on that. That's why the skilling, and PVM money per hour is garbage compared to pking. But, when you start off you are in a position where you dont really have much KO potential, and you're basically just getting farmed by more experienced players. Now sure, if you're an excellent pker, (or even just above average) you'll have no problem being outgeared for a few hours while you farm enough for some decent gear. But a lot of players join the server and message me complaining that they don't know how to make money and can't pk because they have shit gear. So they want to be able to go PVMing, and truly, nobody is going to slave away for 20-35k an hour or whatever it is. Allow people to make 50-100k an hour at WILDERNESS money making spots, it will drive all of the non wildy pvmers to the wild, as well as all new players interested in making money to the money making spots (instead of just quitting). Then, pkers will flock to kill the pvmers, and other pkers will flock to kill the pkers killing the pvmers. Now, I understand that this is a business at the end of the day and your goal is to make money. Which is why most ingame money making methods are so inefficient. This would create an arms race and encourages clan creation, and much much more which will allow the server to grow, and at the end of the day more players will put more money in your pocket, even if there's viable money making methods in the game, because you'll have a larger sample size and you're more likely to get affluent players mixed in with your playerbase. An affluent player will ignore 50-100k an hour, and simply donate the cash to pk instantly.