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  1. \o

    Welcome Horizon! hope you enjoy your stay! >3
  2. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    time to leave us, thieve.
  3. 99 Slayer * Picture Update! *

    Good luck m8, If u need any help just pm me!😉
  4. Coming back

    Welcome back!! 👅
  5. Danieltatis - A new Clan

    im in.
  6. can u unmute me sir?


  7. was fun

    given. gz m8!
  8. Ip Mute.

    I will keep an eye on him, no worries.
  9. Some nice rng again

    really nice rng lol
  10. It's Ya Boi Varsity

    welcome back, see you in-game
  11. so excited, keep the good work up! goodluck with the new updates
  12. Road to all pets

    Goodluck faam!
  13. Hi guys! On behalf of the Dawntained staff team, we would greatly appreciate if you took a few minutes out of your time to reflect on how you think we are performing as a moderation team down in the comments below. Your feedback is highly valuable and allows us to make improvements where necessary. Owner: @MGT Madness Head Moderator: @Subarashii Developers: @Owain @Jonny @Optimum @Jason Moderators: @Gramatik @Hatorade @Mlh @Hat @Frederik @Jaehaerys @Ameer69 Server Supports: @talks (moneytalks) @michigan989 Thank you, Dawntained Staff Team

    welcome back sir!
  15. PIT GFX Animated Signature

    literally,Ur a Beast sir !
  16. Giveaway!

    Hey guys, I'd like to do a small giveaway for 3 winner players the prizes are: 1) 300k bloodmoney. 2) x1 dragon claws. 3) x3 agse's. All you have to do is comment your in-game name on this thread and tell me why you should win. Also a reminder to vote every 12 hours "The winners will be chosen by random from random.org" Good luck all!
  17. Thank you guys for the brilliant work! Keep it going.
  18. phats sale

    Thank you, lost all btw.. lol
  19. phats sale

    ok meet market
  20. somethang for yall

    Nice vids, keep goin!
  21. Hey there

    Glad to see you offering help , welcome back!
  22. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Thank you for the bug fixes and for my custom item!
  23. new pk vid up!

    GREAT vid m8! Good-luck for the next one!
  24. Bug fixes & Future updates 11-05-2019

    Awesome updates. thank you!
  25. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    What? its trueee
  26. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    I am the sweetest sugar daddy, ask all ladies that i handled before. your welcomed but as hat said no nudes no sugar
  27. phats sale

    hey ppl, this is my sale reply here or pm me in game. https://gyazo.com/5d7ddf99652d586c91b79238159a9be1
  28. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    well, for gaming i rather desktop.
  29. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Ameer69 Country you live in: Republic Of Moldova Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): UTC+3 (10:00 am till 13:00 pm) & (18:00 till 01:00 am) and might be some changes depends on how real life goin on. Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: https://gyazo.com/0d17814aa308bcef3167b2d2d28a69e2 Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: https://gyazo.com/1782edf495f0a25776d662bcb27c496c How many hours can you put in per week?: 4-7 hours a day also depends on how the day goes with me if busy or not in real life, but usually i spend like 5 hours a day. Why do you think you should be promoted?: well, I think i could be promoted to helper rank because this rank suits me literally, on account of the lot time i give for helping people and for dawntained itself, i always ask them if they need help too and try my best to answer their questions. so, i don't think that i have another reasons to be promoted for. Past experiences as staff?: to be honest i wasn't ranked in any server unfortunately because i wasn't even asking for it, my only experience is that i started runescape since 2007 and i know a lot since then.