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  1. Beyond the PID system changing, I'm not familiar with what that entails. I do hear stakers complain about it but that's only half of the people who actually stake.
  2. Allow these items to be noted

    Now that we have your support, how far back of the queue is this in terms of priority?
  3. Price guide

    "generally", not always. There are exceptions.
  4. Price guide

    These prices reflect trade prices, not actual value. These generally tend to be less than what they are in stores which are the actual value.
  5. The pk Tab

    If you ever want to cheat, hit me up and I can sell you some
  6. Small DP

    Would of loved some of those.
  7. Blood Key and Mini Blood Key

    Probably very low odds. Majority of the time, I see spirit shield and blessed spirit shield.
  8. Small DP

    No idea what you dropped nor was I there to get any of it so :'(
  9. Blood Key and Mini Blood Key

    Thanks, was helpful but the loot isn't accurate. I remember seeing someone getting something other than spirit shields before. Not sure if there are any other types of keys in game but I remember seeing 50k and an item.
  10. Mini blood key gives 25k blood money while blood key gives 50k blood money and an item. What items can you get from the blood key and what are the rates? I'm sure there is a thread on this but no search functionality available on forums
  11. The Grand Exchange

    I'm pretty sure someone has suggested this before, if not, say whhhaaaaattt???? The Grand Exchange. As much as I love sitting here trying to buy/sell items, I would rather not. Make our lives a tad bit simpler. Doesn't have to be the GE, could be something similar to the trading post.
  12. 6x streak at the gambler

    Way too much money to gamble. I wish I had that luxury.
  13. I 1. +1 2. +1 but you gotta fix the bounty hunter system first. 3. Disagree. If earning money is too hard, people will leave. 4. +1. Gotta be careful about this one cause it will change everyone's wealth. 5. +1. 6. +1 7. As much as I agree the economy needs to get fix, I disagree with an economy reset. I (and many many others) will quit if this happens. I did not spend hours playing this to just start over. Why do you think we left RS? You will need to find an alternative to fix the economy.
  14. Mystery Boxes?

    @MGT MadnessAre you willing to answer this?
  15. Allow these items to be noted

  16. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    Valid point. High riskers ragging other players is annoying too especially when there is a small chance to fight back and a lot of them safe. Can't just protect the wealthy.
  17. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    The alternative would prevent that from happening. Also, I don't think we have the issue of bots spawning to pj players off.
  18. I have 2 wilderness suggestions that I, myself, is on the fence about but I thought I hear what everyone else thinks of this. 1. Remove the risk requirement to attack in deep wild. Everyone should be able to attack each other regardless of their risk. It is the wilderness after all. Risk what you can afford to lose. It isn't fair for people who risk less to have another disadvantage (getting attacked first) beyond their gear disadvantage. Not everyone is rich and we don't want the rich getting richer issue. 2. If you don't like the above suggestion, here is an alternative. Disallow high riskers to attack low riskers similar to how low riskers can't attack high riskers in the deep wild. Keep it fair on both sides otherwise we have the same issue.
  19. Allow these items to be noted

    I'm pretty sure there are more items that can't be noted that should be noted. If anyone knows of any, let me know and I will update this list. Abyssal tentacle Serpentine helm Toxic staff of the dead Blood key Mini blood key Gloves (mith, addy, dragon, etc) Barrelchest anchor Tome of fire Dragon 2h sword
  20. Mystery Boxes?

    According to this post, there is a normal, super, legendary and omega mystery box but when I am at the donator store, I see normal, super and mega mystery box. 1. Where is the legendary and omega mystery box? Turns out the legendary was in the main tab and mega = omega. 2. What is the difference between the 5 4 mystery boxes besides their price? What rewards does each one give? What are the odds for each reward for each type of mystery box? 3. How much is each mystery box worth in blood money?
  21. Dawntained Revival

    I have read the promise, now I shall wait for the fulfillment.
  22. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    Rather not be bankrupt.
  23. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    They're 1M???
  24. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    Still looking for one.
  25. Selling Guardian Boots

    Still for sale.
  26. ::shops re-design

    Less clutter, agreed, but pretty much invisible in the sense that players are aware of its functions.
  27. Server Activity

    I agree that the server is pretty empty and some of your suggestions, but not all of them.
  28. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    Tbh, I'm not really sure. I was training hunter by laying traps, resetting my traps, picking up traps, eventually, it prevented me from setting more than 1 trap even though I have the hunter level to set multiple traps.
  29. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    What about the hunter trap bug?
  30. After roughly 400+ days, I quit :(

    Bye bye. PM me your Discord.