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  1. Yellow Skull

    I believe so. I remember someone picking up the key and the skull wasn't yellow.
  2. Welp this happened today

    Do it!!! I want what I lost back lol
  3. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    Sold to the Doubler for nothing.
  4. Selling Spectral Spirit Shield

  5. Doubler Clarification

    You weren't kidding. Lost 7M and now I'm off to spend my time studying lol
  6. Doubler Clarification

    According to the text in the dialogue when speaking with the Doubler, the odds of doubling is 45% with some other % of tripling. According to a staff, the odds of winning is 40% which is less than what is displayed on the dialogue. Could you clarify on which of the two is accurate? If the staff is correct, please update the text in the dialogue to reflect that. @MGT Madness@Owain@Jonny@Optimum @Jason
  7. Yellow Skull

    Have the yellow skull you get from picking up blood keys or mini-blood keys be displayed over tiered skulls (and maybe red skulls if it isn't already). Easier to find the person with it when there is a group of people.
  8. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    It is a pk server but that doesn't mean pvm has to barely exist. There is even a wilderness based on pvm. I agree that edge can be empty sometimes.
  9. Normal Magicks

    Oh wow! When I had combo runes and it didn't light up, I assumed it wasn't programmed to work with the spell. Did not know it worked.
  10. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    I thought you had a typo. Did not know you meant (i) when you said i. I highly doubt making those items free will make it more active and noob friendly. If I wanted to play osrs, I would be playing osrs. I'm aware this is a private server lol. You can say the same about there being enough items that are free. I'm not making that big of a deal, I just disagreed with you and you seem to not have handled that well and went off on me. Making d2h free would make even more items that monsters drop be worthless.
  11. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    It's pretty clear what I'm talking about. Not sure what you can't comprehend.
  12. D2h & Dragon Sword Free.

    No support. Only the easy to obtain items in osrs should be free. Unlike the dragon 2h sword and dragon sword, the d hally, d scimmy, and msb are super easy to obtain.
  13. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    As a player, I agree. Thinking from a business perspective, it may not be a good idea. Also, 10 minutes would be too short. I don't want to be logged out for going to grab some food.
  14. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    I rather have the auto teleport to safe area. What purpose would this serve?
  15. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    I like the idea of auto teleporting to a safe area. Also, when you say the NPC drops will increase by 2x/3x, do you mean the items will be multiplied of the drop rates will increase? Ex. 2x d claws @ 1/600 or 1x d claws @ 1/300 when the normal is 1x d claws @ 1/600.
  16. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    I like the idea and it sounds fun but I'm sure a lot of people would not like it especially those who afk or just chilling. For a lot of safe areas to become the wilderness, even 120 minutes is too frequent. I'm curious to know what items would be included in the random item drop list.
  17. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    ... in 10 years! Muhahahaha
  18. Selling Spectral Spirit Shield

    Best offer wins.
  19. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    Refer to the price guide.
  20. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    Best offer wins.
  21. Expand Hunter Area

    While hunting, I noticed I was unable to set a trap in the hunter area and the message "You need to be in a hunting area to lay a trap" appeared. This wouldn't be an issue if the chins weren't in the non-hunter area but they are so I am unable to hunt some of them due to the imaginary hunter area boundary. Please expand it or at least move the chins back into the hunter area and prevent them from wandering outside of it.
  22. This is why people should play Dawntained.

    That bored, eh?
  23. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    Was expecting something bigger but bug fixes are always nice.
  24. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    All I'm asking is the risk protection be tiered. If mystic raggers can't pj max raggers, max raggers shouldn't be able to pj mystic raggers. Not asking it to get changed just cause I got the idea from bridding, asking it to be changed because it makes it fair for both sides. You seem to be looking this from only one side.
  25. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    One of the suggestions don't prevent people in max set from attacking people who are not so I don't see your point. I got this idea when I was bridding not from collecting blood keys lol I could say the same about you not wanting these so you can continue to take advantage of it.

    Let me know what this so called "really good" is.
  27. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    Deep wild... not edge. If you bring dh to deep wild, let me know where you are
  28. Beyond the PID system changing, I'm not familiar with what that entails. I do hear stakers complain about it but that's only half of the people who actually stake.
  29. Allow these items to be noted

    Now that we have your support, how far back of the queue is this in terms of priority?
  30. Price guide

    "generally", not always. There are exceptions.