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    In-Game name: Hy acd Country you live in: USA Which times of the day are you usually on?: 6pm -5am Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Attached Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: Attached How many hours can you put in per week? 30-50, more if needed Why do you think you should be promoted?: Because I believe in respect and honesty, I would be able to help new players with whatever questions they may have, as well as enforce the rules without prejudice. Past experiences as staff? Honestly, None. If given the opportunity, I will prove that im worthy of taking any position on the server and doing the best job I can possibly do. Thanks for considering my application, I understand the server has had a slight decline since ive started, but if promoted, I will do everything in my power to ensure that dawntained continues to grow and is the best rsps on the market! Sincerely, Trey aka Hy acd