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  1. New show/movie pls

    Try Prison Break or Breaking Bad
  2. Max Cape

    Yeah it took me about 5 days with some lamps
  3. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Update very soom hopefully... Hopefully no more push backs either.
  4. Is Dawntained dieing?

    Yup seeing new players everyday!
  5. Revenant Caves suggestions

    Support Great idea!
  6. Make life easier here on forums? :)

    I support!
  7. Is Dawntained dieing?

    Nah the playerbase is still fine. Update soon!
  8. Max Cape

    Yeah you can buy the scroll but its not worth at all IMO.

    Sick vid bro
  10. Other Items

    Type ::shops in-game. it will tele you there.
  11. Max Cape

    Plus the higher donate rank you are the more bonus exp per lamp you get. I have extreme donator rank so i get 3m every lamp.
  12. I’m back .... :)

    Welcome back man
  13. Does Double Speccing Make you Trash?

    Does not at all make you trash if you 2 spec
  14. Giveaway winners!

    Grats to the winners!
  15. valentimes day sell?

    Lmao good idea but a tad too late
  16. Price Guide

    Great. much needed and such be updated more frequently.
  17. Divine to Dawntained

    right? lmao
  18. Divine to Dawntained

    Dont think it would be a great idea
  19. Price Guide

    Update this thing dam LOL.
  20. Shooting star

    Thanks for the support guys
  21. Hello.!

    hey dude
  22. Dont think this is a good idea... then everybody would be running around in max capes which would decrease the value of accomplishment. Do not support. Lamps are perfect the way they are with the extra exp bonus for donors.
  23. New show/movie pls

    Try watching a few eps of The Office. Its funny asf
  24. Shooting star

    Just suggesting maybe adding the mining shooting star? The dwaven mine is usually filled with alts mining rune ore and theres only 3 ores in there. Shooting star could have some decent rewards to motivate players to mine it. Just a suggestion thanks!
  25. Tekashi69

    Free 69
  26. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Better not to rush but still cant wait!!
  27. 5m Giveaway!

    Nice vid! subbed! Ign: Romaaa
  28. Official Hello

    Hello Dawntained community! My IGN is Romaaa but u can call me Ken if you want :). I'm almost 1 year old here on dawntained without a real introduction so here it is LOL. Server is great and i've really been anjoying ever since. Looking forward to see community grow in the future! Hope to see you guys in game sometime! Romaaa
  29. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    Acer Aspire 15.6" all the way
  30. Guide helped a ton! Bless up