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  1. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Nice vid
  2. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    forgot my custom :c
  3. remove it and implement it in another way. the way it works atm is just terrible
  4. Allow these items to be noted

    +1 would be nice
  5. Small DP

  6. The Grand Exchange

    +1 would be nice to throw things like elys / avernics in tp instead of waiting all day to maybe sell 1 or 2
  7. Dawntained Revival

    very nice!
  8. Target drop table

    would be awesome! +1
  9. Price guide

    nice guide btw
  10. Selling Guardian Boots

    how much?
  11. Price guide

    if you wear a nature ring you change into a bush and if you wear bm ring you change into a bm stack
  12. Selling Vote Tickets

    you still got?
  13. Ways to revive the server

    I tihnk it's the lack of updates and server lag
  14. By far my best pk montage!!

    very nice!
  15. Where do people brid?

    44s and ::pvp
  16. V O E R Introduction :D

    welcome to dawntained!
  17. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    apple is trash. you overpay alot for their products. you're better off just making a custom pc or buying a gaming laptop from another company or custom build
  18. can my forum name get changed to my new ingame name? "K R O K E T" idk where to make topic so i'll make it here for now
  19. Give us an update plz MGT

    just be patient
  20. vrosphas pk fideo 3

    great fideo mate
  21. ::Drops Forum Guide

    nice guide! very useful
  22. Forum Search?

    why not just add a search option? it's annoying to ask someone for the thread everytime.
  23. selling green phat

    6 days since post... if you still have it atm you might wanna sell it to the bm shop
  24. Forum Search?

    would be nice if a search option got added.
  25. First pking video.

    very nice!
  26. Coins?

    probably not
  27. In sorry