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  1. $250 Giveaway + PK Video StableTvRSPS

    @Mlhsowwy i fuked up
  2. Comment down your ign here to enter the giveaway
  3. Hello boys im hosting a giveaway for my livestream just a way to say thanks for all the help and support https://gyazo.com/8735fbfad8db627e2e560bddbb49befc There will be more gifts and money Given away in the stream! How to join : 1- Subscribe to this YT Channel "StableTV" : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIFSpy1z7aMWZnQJlDF1Wcg?view_as=subscriber 2- Join This Discord Server : https://discord.gg/xhdTwtU 3- Type "1000" In the 35m-osrs-giveaway chat 4- The giveaway will be held on 8th of February Stream Will be live @ 9PM GMT+2 the winner will be announced @ 11PM GMT +2. 35M Osrs can be sold for 20$ Irl money or donated through a moderator for 375 Donor tokens almost worth 1.5M BM