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  1. Weird Statistics

    Hey, We recently implemented a small in-house system to tracks certain game analytics. I figured i'd share some weird statistics with you guys. The following are statistics from July 8th to August 8th. There have been 9,161 kills in the wilderness as Melee, 1,509 kills as a pure, and 1,334 kills as a hybrid. There have been a total of 18,493 kills in the wilderness in the last 30 days. Only 14 people registered for 2FA (c'mon guys, secure your accounts :p) There have been 138,663 PVM kills in the wilderness. A total of 6,371 people have claimed votes in the last 30 days. The doubler NPC has been used 5,298 times in the last 30 days. The moderator Michigan989 has spent 126 hours and 35 minutes (active) in the last 30 days. Figured this might be interesting to some of you lads. Enjoy ^^.
  2. Behind the Scenes

    Hello, I figured i'd give a little behind the scenes insight into what is being worked on, and what you guys can expect in the future. In regards to the update that was promised 2 weeks after the previous update was delayed, there should have been communication that the update was delayed. We understand that communication is an issue and will try to communicate delays sooner in the future (that's a weird sentence). What is currently being worked on Networking improvements. We recently changed the API we use to manage server traffic. This change will reduce network latency which subsequently improves the game experience. Website rewrite. Zack has done a fantastic job on the website thus far. Players will see an easier, more intuitive shopping experience online. As well as more reliable voting, and a more cosmetically appealing highscores, and much more. Next Updates The following updates are the next changes to that game that you can expect. Some of these changes are completed and some are still being worked on and may be delayed due to unexpected workloads or unexpected bugs before deployment. Collection log Achievements Dwarf Cannon Abyssal Sire Rune and Adamant Dragons Global Wilderness Barrelchest Superior Slayer Deranged Archaeologist Future Updates Trading Post Automated Player Killing Tournaments Website Improvements
  3. Where ( read )

    Yeah, I understand your frustration. There should have been more communication that MGT was going to be away for an extended period of time. At our meeting today we talked about releasing an update as soon as possible with some recently completed content, as well as content that was created a long time ago. Some upcoming additions may include Achievements, Collection Log, Abyssal Sire, Global Wilderness, and a few more. We're not perfect and there are definitely improvements but we're trying. Edit; Behind the Scenes
  4. It definitely wouldn't be that drastic of an increase. A couple %/30sec would be justifiable however.
  5. What kind of a boost would you like to see donators receive? EP increase every 30/sec of maybe +1 or +2 depending on rank?
  6. Hello! If you don't know what the Global Wilderness is, please check out this thread. The Global Wilderness is nearing end of implementation so with that I would like to have some discussion on what features it will have. The following are feature, which the majority are up for discussion. There are a few poll questions I would like to have answered so if you have the time, please vote. Your input will help decide what goes into the game and what doesn't. General Features Players are warned with sound, and an interface with a countdown 5 minutes before the event starts. Players that have been AFK for at least 5 minutes at the start of the countdown or the start of the event are teleported to a safe area. The PVP areas accessed via ::pvp are not affected by the global wilderness. The following areas are safe havens where players cannot be attacked Banks (most, if not all) Zombies minigame/waiting room Barrows chest room Godwars dungeon Gambling area via ::dice Donator zone Duel arena Safe pk zones Cyclops room Wilderness resource area Jail (should we make it dangerous :D?) Donator boss instances Players are warned at the start of the event if they're in a dangerous area. A maximum of 50% Earning Potential is lost on death. 2 to 3x the resources gained from skills when in a dangerous area such as wood, fish, ore, etc. 2 to 3x the experience gained when skilling non-combat skills in a dangerous area. 50% increase in all monster drop rates. I.e; if an item is 1:100 it would be 1:50. Earning Potential EP is gained by standing in a dangerous area for at least 30 seconds. The amount of EP gained depends on the following variables. +5 is the minimum EP you can earn per 30 seconds. +1 for every 10K BM risked for a maximum of +5 at 50K BM risked. +2 for being in a multi area. +3 for being in the wilderness area. How long does it take to earn 100EP With no modifiers, the maximum time it takes to earn 100EP is 10 minutes. If a player is risking 50K BM, and they're in the wilderness and a multi area they can earn 15EP every 30 seconds for a total of 100EP in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. What items are gained from Earning Potential? All items that can be obtained from the BM shop can be obtained as drops. The BM shop was converted to a drop table with 3 columns; Common, Uncommon, and Rare. If an item or group of items is worth less than 5,000 BM they are Common, if they are less than 15,000 they are Uncommon, otherwise they are Rare. The chance of an item dropping can be determined by roughly the price / 250. So for example if an item is worth 15k the chance of receiving that item is 1:60. The twisted bow for example is the rarest item at roughly 1:2000 chance with 75%+ EP. If the following poll passes, I would like to implement PVP items and armours as degradable and obtainable via revenants and this event. If you haven't voted and would like to give you input, please go to the poll. How to access the rare and uncommon tables You can access the rare table only if you have 75%+EP. The chance of you hitting the rare drop table is still only 3:4 with 100%EP. If you do not hit the rare table, you will automatically have a chance at 2 uncommon items, and at least 1 common. This means that you will always get a decent drop for your EP. You can access the uncommon table only if you have 50%+ EP. The chance of you hitting the uncommon table is about 1:2 with 50-75%EP. How much BM can we expect per kill Some math has been done to determine the following expected BM output per kill; 100%EP = 10k/kill 50%EP = 5k/kill 0EP = 2k/kill If you don't like any of these features please let me know. Jason
  7. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    I think we want to stay within the guidelines of OSRS as much as possible. I don't think adding corrupt, which wasn't well received when it was implemented into RS, is a good idea. It would be best to maintain one set of PVP items rather than two.
  8. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    All of the items will be reviewed before being added to Global Wilderness. This means that new items that don't exist in-game will be added and all specials/attributes will be reviewed.
  9. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    Yeah that is a fair point. However that is why we're polling this and not just making the change without consent. If you don't agree then feel free to select no in the poll. If you agree this is a good change then press yes.
  10. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    No, they would receive the item and it would either not be degraded or already degraded if a player has the same item and it is degraded. Why Because we don't handle each item as unique. If we compare two whips for example, our system cannot tell the difference between the two items. It's because of this that each degraded item can't have a unique degraded value. The value is dependent on the player account. If you use a vesta longsword and degrade it a little, then receive another, they both have the same degraded amount. No, they wouldn't be separate items. You could still obtain via MB, but they're both degradable.
  11. Hello, I am currently working on the Global Wilderness event and after reviewing this thread it is apparent that PVP items should be more readily accessible from PVP content. What I would like to do is allow players to receive them as a random drop using EP. What would change These items would be obtained, at random based on EP, during the Global Wilderness event. These items could also be obtainable through revenants. These items would be the same as the items received from MB These items would degrade during combat This would only include: Vesta's Statius Zuriel's Morrigan's If we were to add these items as random drops using earning potential from Global Wilderness, they would have to be degradable because they would be more common and powerful. Do you want them to be degradable and dropped during the Global Wilderness event or do you want them to remain only accessible from Mystery Box and not degrade? Jason
  12. Pvp Weapons

    Hey, So quick question, when you say PVP weapons do you mean degradeable weapons or are you talking about particular PVP weapons? If so, what weapons are you referring to? The target system is currently being revamped to include PVP weapons and the Global Wilderness Event will include a TON of pvp weapons as possible drops :). Jason
  13. Bone Crusher

    If this gets support then sure
  14. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Great video
  15. This suggestion has been approved due to the overwhelming support. Thank you to everyone who gave input on this and took the time to vote.
  16. I completely agree that players that leave their PC shouldn't be punished due to missing the announcement. Instead of logging the player out, they will be moved to a safe haven like edgeville bank where they can remain logged in, but out of harms way. Instead of logging the player out, we will likely teleport them to a safe haven as mentioned. I agree, you won't be logged out, just teleported, likely. Thank you for the input and excitement, appreciated.
  17. I am really, really, happy to see this level of excitement. I was not expecting this. I agree, a potentially longer wait between events might be beneficial to people not interested in the event whatsoever. This is definitely something we will play with if implemented. Thank you not only for the input, but the excitement as well. Haha, thank you. It's really good to see support from not only PVP but PVM and Skilling as well. It's even better to hear that you would participate as a non-pker, that further validates the demand for a piece of content such as this. Thank you for your input. You had me in the first half, not going to lie haha. Thank you for your input, it's greatly appreciated. A type of gear that degrades is a spectacular idea and would further elevate the content. It would allow for new item additions while still allowing for the content to be fresh due to item depletion. Thank you for taking time to expand on your comment earlier, it's refreshing to obtain constructive input from a PK'er. Thank you, I like to think from time to time I have decent ideas :). Thank you for the input.
  18. Yeah that is absolutely valid input. What kind of reward would make the content appealing to you? I understand your frustration. Yes, the rate of the drop will increase by the multiplier, not the item amount. For example; If the normal rate is 1:600 for 1, it would be 1:300 for 1.
  19. Thank you Hat, I completely agree. There is a lot to gain from a major PVP addition. That is a really good point Obfuscate (nice name btw), we could provide something like an auto-teleport to a safe-haven if the player is AFK in a non-dangerous area like the wilderness at the start of the event as a solution to that problem. There is unfortunately no list at this time, but one could be provided upon approval of the suggestion for further discussion.
  20. Dawntained Revival

    This is something that will be discussed at today's weekly team meeting. Thank you for the input. Great input. Regarding the design, a member of the team has been and will continue to work on website improvements. Custom maps are definitely possible, as they have been done as of recent among the team. We already have a ton of analytics, however improvements can always be made so thank you. Higher revisions have been a topic of discussion for a long time, but instead of focusing our time and efforts on another game it makes much more sense to focus that energy on Dawntained.
  21. Yeah I completely agree, and sympathize with skillers that just want to skill. If player killing is not your thing, you shouldn't be forced into that environment.
  22. Hello, To be as transparent as possible, I want to be clear that this is just a proposal and your feedback will determine whether or not this content is implemented. Your feedback is extremely important and if this suggestion isn't something that the majority is interested in, we will continue to listen and provide more suggestions based on your input. So, as of late, it has been made public that the team and I have been working on improvements that affect the Player versus Player aspect of the game. These changes range from existing system upgrades to new item additions that allow for unique PVP combat scenarios. All of these changes help make the existing wilderness more attractive, but it is clear that making the wilderness more attractive shouldn't be the scope of our efforts, so I am suggesting a proposal; The Global Wilderness Event What is it? The Global Wilderness Event takes place every 90 to 120 minutes (TBD) and could last for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes (TBD). Players will be notified 60 seconds before an event occurs of the impending danger. During the duration of the event, all areas around Dawntained, except for banks some other safe havens such as home, and skilling areas, will be dangerous. This means that all players, within a respective level limit (TBD), will be able to kill each other. What are the benefits of the event? These benefits are subject to change so please make suggestions, but these are the proposed benefits; Experience gained in non-safe areas will be increased by upwards of 2x the normal rate. The wilderness will see upwards of a 3x increase in experience gained. Primary resources gained in non-safe areas will be doubled, such as 2x ore, 2x wood, 2x fish, etcetera. The wilderness will see upwards of a 3x increase in primary resourced gained. NPC drops in non-safe areas will be increased by upwards of 2x the normal rate. The wilderness will see upwards of a 3x increase. Randomly spawned high level resources such as magic trees, rune rocks, etcetera will be available in key areas during this time. Random item drops when killing your opponent. Blood money for killing your opponent. Why? Dawntained is a Player versus Player based game, but sometimes there isn't enough incentive to go to player versus player areas. This event should provide more incentive to go to the wilderness, while providing a new dangerous environment for all players. Concerns Not all players on Dawntained are here for PVP. Some players, such as skillers, aren't even equipped to handle PVP scenarios. Some players enjoy Dawntained for the PVM or Skilling aspect and it would be cruel to force this content on players that are not interested. That is why it seems appropriate to include 1 or 2 major skilling areas as safe havens during this time. If approved, this suggestion will not impact existing and future changes to the wilderness. Thank you, I look forward to seeing your feedback Jason
  23. Thank you for this discussion, it will be brought up at our weekly Monday development meetings.
  24. Development blog: February 14th release!

    Automatic gambling example of dicing and flower poker;
  25. Gambling Guide

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. Mind sending me a private message with some common ways players scammed/deceived others via gambling? If not, no worries! Thanks.
  26. Working on an automated gambling system :)


  27. Gambling Guide

    Just want to say thank you for these guides, they are extremely helpful when creating the automated gambling system. This has definitely impacted the development of the system in a positive way.
  28. Development blog: February 14th release!

    Automatic Gambling Description Players will be able to send gambling requests in certain areas. An interface is drawn similar to dueling where both players will be given the option to select 1 of the 4 gambling modes and propose items as a bet. After both players accept, a walkable interface is drawn that shows whose turn it is and other useful information about the gamble. Game modes Dicing Flower Blackjack Hot or Cold Forfeiting Any player who disconnects after accepting will have 60 seconds to return before the gamble is forfeited. If the player disconnects before/while an outcome is being determined, the gamble is forfeited to the other player. Media Gambling In-Game Interface