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  1. Development blog: February 14th release!

    Automatic gambling example of dicing and flower poker;
  2. Gambling Guide

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. Mind sending me a private message with some common ways players scammed/deceived others via gambling? If not, no worries! Thanks.
  3. Working on an automated gambling system :)


  4. Gambling Guide

    Just want to say thank you for these guides, they are extremely helpful when creating the automated gambling system. This has definitely impacted the development of the system in a positive way.
  5. Development blog: February 14th release!

    Automatic Gambling Description Players will be able to send gambling requests in certain areas. An interface is drawn similar to dueling where both players will be given the option to select 1 of the 4 gambling modes and propose items as a bet. After both players accept, a walkable interface is drawn that shows whose turn it is and other useful information about the gamble. Game modes Dicing Flower Blackjack Hot or Cold Forfeiting Any player who disconnects after accepting will have 60 seconds to return before the gamble is forfeited. If the player disconnects before/while an outcome is being determined, the gamble is forfeited to the other player. Media Gambling In-Game Interface