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  1. Dharok's tournament

    Oof would love to join but will be in class that day haha.
  2. Wilderness agility course

    I didnt get it at all :\
  3. Wilderness agility course

    Not sure if it would be necessary considering you get a cool 21k exp completing the course but would help a little bit if you get some exp doing the stepping stones. Its a bummer crossing them and not seeing a exp drop.
  4. Failed to connect

    @Mlh it lets me play osrs though just not this?
  5. Failed to connect

    Hey just wondering if the reason i cant connect is because of my college wifi? I restarted the client and it all loads up perfectly fine but when i hit log-in it buffers a moment then says failed to connect. Anyway to bypass this?
  6. Dawntained - Pure PKing + Giveaway

    Nice vid. Your giving away 50k or theres a giveaway at 50k subs.. May take a while .-.
  7. Getting kicked off

    Labtop needed an update all good now.
  8. Getting kicked off

    Is there something going on atm in dt. Keep hitting lag spikes and getting kicked off every 1-3 minutes and its really getting annoying now. Tried restarting the client and nothing helped.
  9. Dawntained Community Events

    Love this idea! Cant wait for the 19th! 10 days and counting.
  10. Gamble rules, we'd love your feedback.

    And what about the 6th plant. Like if you accidently click the seed too fast and it plants a 6th? Ive done this alot but never counted it. Also the new rules sounds like its a good idea. Ive seen a host just start right after trade before verifying the amount of the pot or the game.
  11. rune ore and bars

    @Coltpemi think like 30 bm each
  12. Gamble rules, we'd love your feedback.

    What do you mean the 6th plant? Also what about blackjack? If tie would it be host win or reroll? Tbh the 2 times i tied with a bettor i just rerolled since even i wasnt 100% sure
  13. dont update skilling

    Either im too high to understand what he said or i need better english
  14. Hello!

    She wrecked me twice so far in pvp .-.
  15. Who can beat me?

    Oh is it just custom designed then? Looks dope. Cant wait until i can donate enough for customs
  16. Mobile?

    Ever think dawntained would be released on mobile? I know it took a long time just to get osrs out on it but is it a possibilty to be able to play dt on the go? Bored at work atm and really wanting to get on lmao.
  17. Who can beat me?

    What armour is that lmao
  18. Tekashi69

    He wont get life from that. Max penalty for racketeering is 20 years. But seeing what this rainbow clown has done over the past years (underage sexual acts, pissing off everyone in the rap game, acting untouchable etc.) could be all he needs in jail to make it a life sentence.
  19. Xbox?

    No idea what brawlhalla is haha but yeah i play fortnite still just not nearly as much. @Spikey
  20. yoo

    Beat is sick but never been a fan of auto tune tbh. Sounds like you used it during the hook. If you didnt thats my bad.
  21. serial killer or crime movies

    If you have netflix id suggest "evil genius" ita a documentary of a real life event and shows actual footage and everything. It was a really great documentary!
  22. Xbox?

    Hey if anyone here has the xbox one and plays either bo3 or rocket league (rarely fortnite) feel free to add me! Gamertag is oh so potent.
  23. Drop rates?

    EDIT: is there by chance a skilling pet drop rate chart? I asked a few helpers but none of them knew if one existed or not.
  24. rune ore and bars

    Yeah lol 85-99 alone is looking like its going to be around 2800 rune ores.
  25. rune ore and bars

    How much each for rune bars?
  26. Free Sigs

    Name: oh so potentColour:green yellow redTheme (if applicable): mountains/ weed i appreciate it bud! Ill be sure to give some bm your way
  27. Yeah i ment the 40% deal haha i know about account offers happening randomly. Thanks!
  28. Drop rates?

    Sorry to hear that bud :\ the guy i was wcing with was at 175m and still working for pet as well.
  29. Hello!

    Nice to meet ya! Cya around the server!!