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  1. Target drop table

    Hey guys, I think it would be a great idea to add a droptable to target kills. My suggestions would be: Common rewards: 100 noted Anglerfish-100 noted Karambwans - 2500 Amethyst Arrows- 100 noted Super Combat Potions (4) - Berserker ring - Achers ring - Seers ring - Warrior ring - Amulet of fury - Granite Maul. Uncommon rewards: Toxic staff of the dead - Armadyl Crossbow - Light Ballista - Bandos Godsword - Zamorak Godsword - Saradomin Godsword - Amulet of Torture - Amulet of Anguish. Rare rewards: Heavy Ballista - Armadyl Godsword - Elder Maul - 10 noted Amulet of Fury's - 10 noted Berserker rings - 10 noted Archer rings - 10 noted Seer's rings - 10 noted Warrior rings - 10 noted Granite Maul's. Ultra rare rewards: Dragon claws - Arcane spirit shield. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Staff Improvements / suggestions

  3. Being able to pk in singles

    I don't support this.
  4. It happens very often that a player uses the ::yell command and calls out the player who's for example spec tabbing/ragging. The player who is spectabbing will stop since hes name went public and it would be impossible for us staffmembers to see if he actually did, therefor we recommend to vid all fights and provide us with the evidence required to take action, or just simply message us the name so we can go look for ourself.
  5. Which monster has the best drop...?

    I recommend Cerberus for profit tasks
  6. Giveaway winners!

    Gratz to all the winners and thanks for hosting this!
  7. 5m Giveaway!

    nice vid, liked and subsribed
  8. I don't support this. Lamps already make maxing alot easier. This would just make it lose its feeling of accomplishment.
  9. Hydra Update

    Would love to see a new boss. I support this
  10. New show/movie pls

    Suits is a good serie
  11. 5m Giveaway!

    You got me there, nice vid mate!
  12. sup

    Hello Rce. First of all, welcome to Dawntained. We do offer custom created items for those who have reached the Immortal donater rank and higher. You can only choose items wich are already in-game, and request a recoloured version of it. We do have a custom pet shop aswell, there are multiple cool and different pets in there. https://www.dawntained.com/store/ You can find all our donater benefits here. https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/43-request-a-custom-recoloured-item/ These are some examples of people who have requested their custom items. For your second question: does this server offer skills such as dungeoneering and construction? We do not offer these skills in dawntained. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to send me a pm in game or on discord.
  13. Bank pic from march 2018

    That's Huge!
  14. 3 hours worth of slayer

    Sick loot.
  15. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Looking forward to it
  16. Account offers question

  17. Account offers question

    You're welcome.
  18. Account offers question

    It's not allowed.

    Some nice hits in there mate, good vid!
  20. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    I think this should be added to their droptable if the droprate is rare enough.
  21. Staff Feedback Jan/2019

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback.
  22. Delete Accounts

    Even though i like this idea, I do not support it for the same reasons listed above.
  23. Max Hit DH 100

  24. Weekly/Monthly Slapping #2

    Nice vid mate!
  25. Dawntained - Pure PKing + Giveaway

    Nice vid!
  26. Some new stuff

    I support this!.
  27. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

    Spectral Boys PvM clan chat. Ever since I started playing dawntained I've experienced difficulties finding people to group up with to kill certain bosses. With this clan chat I hope to make it alot easier for everyone to just meet up and go slay the bosses of your choise and guide eachother were needed. Requirments: - There are no requirments when it comes to gear and knowledge. All these will be gained trough the process of killing bosses. Rules: - There will be no toxic behaviour, this will lead to a permanent ban in the clan chat. - Help each other out wherever you can, if someone needs advice on an specific boss for example. - Before killing the boss, get to an agreement with each other on how to split the loot (split the loot or free for all). - Most of all, have fun during the process! How to join: - To join, simply enter the 'Spectral Boy' clan chat. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in game and having fun with PvM, good luck everyone!
  28. Dawntained weekly/monthly slapping #1

    Nice one mate!