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  1. Tragic 'Account offers'

    I haven't had an account offer since the 2nd day of me playing so atleast u guys actually get them lol
  2. rune ore and bars

    How much are rune ore a piece? I mine it all the time just always sell it to the dwarf
  3. Yea I've been in it since I seen the forum, haven't been on in a week but when I first joined it was just me and 2 others then a couple days later it was only me so Idk what it's like now but a week ago it wasn't to active
  4. need learning how to pk

    Yea just gotta get one, just looked up how to turn off the fn key functions so that I can use the f keys as short cuts, going to see if that helps any
  5. need learning how to pk

    Yea I too need more practice with PvP, use to always pk back in like 2009 but now I don't have a computer I have a laptop with no mouse and the little sensor pad is really touchy making it more difficult, so I need to learn to get better pking on a laptop
  6. Looking for PvM clan

    Is there any PvM clan out there that actually do stuff together? I checked out the clan recruitment but all the PvM clans I found were either dead or they don't talk at all
  7. Basic Zulrah guide!

    All I got for range gear is void elite or karils don't have armadyl yet but got all the other accessories, just dunno which would be better void range or karils with a serp helm
  8. Looking for kalphite queen guide

    Yea I just finished it, i just wore veracs for the 2nd stage and a whip and dragon defender and slayer helm for the first, thank u though, now I got something called zulrah
  9. Looking for kalphite queen guide

    Yea I looked around on here for one just couldn't find one so thought I would make a post to see if someone knew the best and easiest way to kill them
  10. Looking for kalphite queen guide

    I googled online for old kalphite queen guides but I noticed some of the bosses on this server are you go about differently, all I really need to know is like the preferred armor and weapon, got a slayer quest to kill some and when I played back in 2008 people would use veracs, but thanks any help would be appreciated.
  11. I'll join it she I get on later, I would be pking but didn't realize how much slower it is to switch gear on a laptop with no mouse, so been keeping to my self just doing solo pvm stuff, but I'll deff join it.
  12. Hi

    Yea I just started this server yesterday and haven't played osrs or an rsps since like 2008