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  1. Promoting

    I didn't know where else to post this but please feel free to check out music I've been uploading. most of you all know I have a song out also. I've been taking this seriously for a couple of months now been promoting and linking up with local artists through-out my city. heres one of our latest projects. let me know what you think We have Beats, Music & all kinds of others thing being uploaded <3 thank you all.
  2. Agility and Farming

  3. Firemaking

    You should get BM from EVERY skill you train not half. You get BM for Thieving at ::DZ which EVERYone auto clicks You get BM mining & that's AFK easier then FM. You get BM fishing and thats afk ALL SKILLS should earn a small amount of BM.
  4. ::DZ island rework?

    I mean it doesn't do me any good because i'm almost 200m in all skills haha. I just see so many people complain about not having enough things on the ::DZ place. thank you both for feedback
  5. ::DZ island rework?

    Donator Zone - Rework ideas (part 1) So the ideas I have are as followed that I would love to see brought into the ::DZ area adding rocks to mine (Mithril Adamant Rune ) adding a smithing anvil to ::DZ Making it so you can sell fletched items ( Longbows U ) to BM shop currently can only sell strung bows which makes no since considering you can sell rune ore to the store. Adding actual thieving stalls to ::DZ (not everyone is a legend donator) (can't thieve from ardounge stalls) ill add more ideas as i think them up what do you guys think. ( mostly skiller updates )
  6. yoo

    yeah i used a little bit of auto tune on it had too shit was clipping
  7. yoo

    My first rap I've ever recorded on mic lemme know how i did.

    LOL risumies that's hilarious

    risumies i'd smash for sure
  10. African Net

    i might join i wanna see how active you guys are first.
  11. Gainz

    Good luck with your goals
  12. Lottery "warning"

    This also happened to me when I first started playing the chatbox dialog doesn't really explain it to well with Lottery dude.
  13. Weekly time played

    Probably not going to happen lol. 35 days consistent 8 hour + days.
  14. Prayer

    I second all the motions posted.
  15. Weekly time played

    What are your play-times are for this week? Can anyone actually beat me? :)<3 also could someone calc out how many hours i play a day? thank you.
  16. Happy New Years 2019!

    happy new years everyone.
  17. 200m Crafting incoming.

  18. Test123

    So confused what lol

  20. play time

    Edit - Broke 1B XP
  21. play time

    I am currently no lifing my way to top page skiller as we speak.
  22. play time

    Jesus man I didn't realize how much I actually played LOL. holy crap. I maxed in 18 days, also
  23. I Kant pk Introduction

    Thank you my friends add me IGN = Latin king
  24. play time

    Someone should calc out how many hours a day i play.
  25. I Kant pk Introduction

    Thank you guys, for the warm welcoming.
  26. Enough is enough!

    that'll never happen lol
  27. I Kant pk Introduction

    Edit > name changed to Latin king <
  28. I Kant pk Introduction

    Thank you brother
  29. 1 pk in 22 signature :)

    That looks dope, Might have to have u make me one.
  30. I Kant pk Introduction

    I can't pk introduction Hello guys, I'm only a month into the server and I feel like it's time to join the forums. My name is Benji short for blueface, I'm 25 years old from chicago, believe it or not I'm married with a son. My son Aiden was born 4/23/17 I married my wife no to long ago, 11/10/2018 This is the family I've created Also now you can put a face behind the no lifer you've been speaking to Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK9k1MG0BOE&t=965s