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  1. Community Manager event ideas needed

    Ironman mode would bring hell of people to the game. A monster that drops good items deep wildy (Lvl 35, so it's possible to get out and possible for pkers to kill them) would increase singles activity. A daily event where multi clans can battle and every member in the team gets a cape for the next 24 hours for being the best multi clan (max 5 people per team) or some shit. 100% agree with you aswell

    im the best dumbass
  3. Dawntained Revival

    If he's gonna make rules, make sure he update the thread with rules then. No reason to punish anyone for something that isn't in the rules, just because you guys don't like it, doesn't mean it's against the rules.
  4. Dawntained Revival

    Subarashii invented his own rule yesterday by saying I was "loopholing" the rules, when what I did was completely fine and even in the game engine. So yeah, he is inventing his own rules.
  5. Server Activity

    I'm not being serious. I'm just saying you put in so much effort for it to be ignored by owner/admins/mods.
  6. Server Activity

    wow someone actually put in a effort to a thread lets completely ignore it... smh
  7. After roughly 400+ days, I quit :(

    bye random
  8. staff application

    i support you fully mate nice guy should become mod
  9. The Mighty 43

    wow u ddosed someone for ancestral and arcane and have the balls to brag about it? dont make me embarrase you stupid fool
  10. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp481NUrI_c&feature=youtu.be 500K Giveaway in description! Giveaway still available
  11. Current staff members

    Guys so u dont need to be respectful to the regular players only staff team ??? if u need help pm me ingame guys
  12. Staff list update

    didnt ask
  13. Hardest skills to train?

    just donate for ::bank smh........
  14. bob the builder can we plank em? V2

    Very Cool Photos - Sincerely The Gachdrac
  15. Free Sigs

    Name: The GachdracColour: Black and OrangeTheme (if applicable): a kangaroo
  16. Remove spec tab from deeper wild

    Haha get owned !
  17. Rushing for Bank, PK VIDEO [GIVEAWAY]

    Thanks everyone. Will do
  18. Subscribe, like and comment to join the 150K giveaway! Two winners, one will get 100K, the second will get 50K.