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  1. Basic Zulrah guide!

    The difference is not dramatic. i would go with the void since you dont need defence bonuses much!
  2. Basic Zulrah guide!

    This is my basic zulrah guide! First guide ever so please be nice and give me some tips! How to get there: Gear and inventory : The Fight stage 1 : The Fight stage 2 : The Fight stage 3 : The Fight stage 4 : So there you have it. Basic Zulrah guide to get started. I got my pet at kc 17. GL!
  3. Lucky drops etc

    20.12-2018 I have voted max 15 times i think and i got d claws today! not that impressive for you maybe but i was surprised for sure Edit: 21.12-2018 today got my scorpia pet at 4kc Edit: 25.12-2018 today got my zulrah pet at 17kc And venenatis pet at kc 30 Edit: 26.12-2018 today got my zilyana pet at kc 66 and a ring of suffering at kc 40 Edit: 8.1-2019 after a little break from dawntained i got another ring of suffering and an anguish at 57 and 58 so back to back! Edit: 19.1-2018 got an eternal crystal from cerberus at 6kc