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  1. :P

    Not bad.
  2. What it feels like to play dawntained

    I laughed a bit
  3. Oh so potent

  4. PvM Brothers on Dawntained! Check it out :)

    I'll gladly join!
  5. (Poll) How many people like NPC gambler?

    It's a good way to chance getting rich quickly, win-some-lose-some though. I've lost a few mill using it, but gained out of it too. Just need to learn when to stop lmao. I vote keep it.
  6. African Net

    Holy shit lmao.
  7. Hello!

    Git gud xo
  8. Hello!

    Hi! I'm Caitlyn, or just Cait. I started nearly 2 weeks ago and i'm somewhat new to RSPS's, i've played a couple but never really stuck to them until this one, everything about it is great so far. Community is super friendly and helpful, PvP & PvM is fun. I'm hoping to max out my stats within a few more weeks and start getting some pet drops soon! IGN: Cupcake Ahoy Feel free to chat to me if you see me around x http://prntscr.com/m23zbu
  9. Lottery "warning"

    This isn't a bad idea at all, especially for new players.
  10. Happy New Years 2019!

    Happy new years all <3