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  1. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting

    U new or what? Cause all the other single clans left the server cause there was no conpetiion.Impact and gambinos were dominating this server then came cartel and daybreak.
  2. The Mighty 43

    rofl robin and vrophas nothing else than 2 common whales. 1 is farming kdr as pure in edge
  3. Robin - Pk Video 1

    rofl nice wyvern shield at nhing lmfaoooo -10 range and nice graphic.
  4. bob the builder can we plank em? V2

    purplegun died to warrior in video by barrage k0 lel.1849 gj man
  5. #Hobos Single Clan

    Since most of single clans went to other server, i have decided to make new nh single cc for chill, pk and even skot or Key. Rules No luring or bsing. Be a loyal and active member. No talkshitting between members. breaking these rules you u be kicked. To enter the cc. 1.Hybrid kdr must be atleast 5.0+(post img) 2.Playtime 20+h for a week. 3.Bank value 500+ (post img) If you want to join pm ing or in forums for cc .
  6. reee ez kill

  7. bob the builder can we plank em?

    Lmfaoooo those are 1-2 months old pictures
  8. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    all pvp set vesta zuriels morrigan statius shud be
  9. "i dont die" he says (not refunt)

    Aww where are ur tag team partners..refunt ezz