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  1. Clan chat ranking system

    Is it possible to make the clan channel chats a better ranking system similar to OSRS, when you can upgrade from a smiley to stripes and crowns etc, its so demotivating for clan members when you can’t get a upgrade in a cc and work your way upto general. As right now it’s only a smiley rank or general gold crown rank. Which the general rank gives admin of the channel and you cannot have a whole clan running round with general ofc. plus it just looks unfinished and lazy to not have this added into the game and it possibly does kill clans as there is no progression.
  2. Team tournaments

    Instead of doing the individual solo tournaments all the time, add a team tournament weekly at a specific time to gain peoples interest. As the solo ones are so repetitive. the teams can randomly be picked through your coding database, or of course through people creating there own teams and entering into the tournament before it takes place for example 30mintues. If this was successful it could be made into a weekly competition to where teams consistently stick together and a leaderboard is made and calculated through the month. the prizes could be blood money or 07 gold. With the prize being 07 gold it will attract players from other servers and from popular singles and multi teams from 07.
  3. My Staff application

    Toxic player, never deserves a rank.