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  1. Trading post.

    We'd need to gather statistics to make this happen good suggestion nonetheless.
  2. Test123

  3. Development blog: February 14th release!

    Massively reworked the fishing system Rune Pouches on save too 2FA should be deployed also Coal bags More infernal equipment
  4. Development

    Thanks everyone for the awesome welcoming messages!
  5. Development

    Hello Everyone I am a new developer for Dawntained. I have been developing for quite some time now and i will bring really amazing content for you all. I will be constantly listening to your guys feedback and suggestions to help Dawntained become more of a success. I have a raw passion to make this game the best one you will ever play. I have big plans and expect massive changes in the future from the development team here at Dawntained. Here is a small snippet of some things i have been working on! Catch me in game: The Optimum